Preview :: Bike Babes X The Wall

February 1st 2012

Bikes, babes, booze, Bloods, Bobby Six, BBQ, buyable stuff – the upcoming Bike Babes x The Wall event is arguably the most alliterative (and awesome) activity all annum. BOOM. WORD BOMB.

Tedious tongue twisters (almost) aside, the combination of The Wall’s artful little Wednesday parties and Bike Babes who (knowing the value of alliteration) bill themselves as a sassy social cycling crew, should be killer.

Dubbed “We Got the Féte”, the night will feature an exhibition of bike helmets customised by girl designers and on sale for charity, bike-friendly vintage from Kiss My Button and bike themed prizes, as well as un-bike related treats like BBQ snacks, beverages, DJs Bobby Six and FBi’s own Heidi Pett, aaaaaaaand to top it all off with gangster-punk feeling, Sydney cuties Bloods playing their last show before their EP launch this March.

Well played, cyclists. Even Warnie might come around for this one.

What: We Got the Fete (The Wall x Bike Babes)
Where: Meet at Taylors square or head to the World Bar, Kings Cross, a bit later
When: Wednesday, Feb 8th, 6:50pm meet
How much: Free! Free!



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