Preview :: BENNETT at Oh Really

May 10th 2011

BENNETT – Oranges & Lemons from Brent Quincy Buchanan on Vimeo.


Although his name’s been around a few years now, it seems that recently everywhere you turn someone’s talking about Sydney artist BENNETT. He was the people’s choice at the Absolut Stairwell Final Show earlier this year. He was part of the artist trio that went head-to-head with those sports types in the Adidas All In Challenge. He’s big in Japan. Basically, he’s an overachiever, but he’s a loveable one.

This month sees BENNETT continue his meteoric rise with a solo show at Oh Really, ‘ORANGES & LEMONS’, taken from the well-known nursery rhyme. ‘ORANGES & LEMONS’ is classic BENNETT, using mash-ups, juxtaposition and reimagined mundane images to explore the alternate meanings embedded in our everyday surrounds. His works use textured backgrounds of aerosol and acrylic materials, with bold foreground images sharply in contrast, counterpoints that allows BENNETT to strip these images of their meaning, imbuing them with alternate narratives and implications.

‘ORANGES & LEMONS’ continues this tradition, featuring a series of mixed media, exploratory and sometimes controversial pieces he produces out of the Stupid Krap studio he currently calls home. An equal mix of incredible technical skill and that more elusive sense of cool, of timely aesthetic, of whatever it is that makes you big in Japan, BENNETT is definitely an artist to watch. The show opens Thursday May 19th at Enmore’s Oh Really gallery. Why not head down and see what all the fuss is about?


What: Oranges & Lemons

Where: Oh Really Gallery

When: Opening 6pm Thursday May 19th, showing until May 29th, 11am – 6pm

How much: Nada! Zip! Zilch!


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