Premiere :: Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright ‘Lonely Heart’ Video

February 25th 2014

Lonely Heart_SCOTAB

There’s always a happy place in the world for electro pop, especially when it’s this sunny.

Few monikers are as apt as Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright, the union of Sydney’s Jules and Claud. Immediately obvious is the ‘sun’ that sits so comfortably atop their crisp up-beats and summery synths, complete with Donny Benet style, pitch-bending lead breaks. Then the optimism of ‘twice as bright’ shines through in the lyrics; this single in particular covering the dark matter of heartbreak with a moving-on mentality.

“Don’t wanna be left behind, gotta get on with it”

 members star as duelling oranges, competing for the chance to sell you some OJ. It’s as silly as it sounds, but it compliments the playful song perfectly. The Aussie accent feels that much more at home coupled with sun-bleached shots of Sydney streets.


You can check out some of SCOTAB‘s other summery sounds on their Soundcloud.



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