PREMIERE: Optimism is the name of the game on Neighbourhood Void’s ‘Recovery’

June 29th 2020

Your fave local punks are back with an anthem for ~ unprecedented times ~. Neighbourhood Void’s latest release ‘Recovery’ premiered on Mornings with Maia Bilyk.

It’s pretty easy to feel like the world is all doom and gloom at the minute, but music has long been a salve for the hard times.

Like many, Sydney punk lads Neighbourhood Void had high hopes for 2020, teasing the upcoming release of their sophomore album with plans in place for an East coast tour. But despite all of this coming to a screaming halt, they’ve managed to redirect their energy into a soundtrack-worthy release that perfectly captures the mood of the moment.

On ‘Recovery’, NV are hesitant but hopeful. Think rumbling guitar riffs, angsty-yet-optimistic lyrics (“I think we’re gonna be ok”), and an explosive crescendo that serves pure musical catharsis.

‘Recovery’ sees the guys embrace cleaner production (thanks to Dylan Adams), a slower-than-usual pace (a continuation on the theme introduced by February’s release ‘Catatonic Youth’) and expanding their ever-growing musical wheelhouse. While their sound has definitely matured, their signature self-described “brats from the gutter charm” that characterised 2017’s debut ‘Childhood Trauma’ thankfully remains.

Stream Neighbourhood Void’s ‘Recovery’ below. Wanna show them some support? Purchase the track via Bandcamp here.

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