PREMIERE: Land Systems’ pulsing techno EP ‘When My Feet Come Down to Walk on Earth’

August 22nd 2019

Land Systems

Industrial dance and ambient-infused techno project Land Systems aka Nathan Moas just pulled a pile-driving EP straight from space and crash landed it right in front of us. Fittingly named ‘When My Feet Come Down to Walk on Earth’, the EP comes out tomorrow but premieres here, right now.

‘When My Feet Come Down to Walk on Earth’ serves sprawling walls of sound – infused with lush melodies and splashed with distortion and grit. With every change in beat, a different side of dance music is exposed; rugged and euphoric, spacey and earthy, quick and slow. It’s a mesmerising EP, alive with grungy thumping and quick pulsing.

The samples on which most of the EP’s tracks are based are rooted in unlikely origins too. While Moas initially used a CD of industrial samples he’s shifted to Youtube as a starting point, sourcing whatever sounds spark the emotion he wants to build each track up from.

Land Systems released an experimental soundscape-heavy EP ‘Dualism’ in 2016. In 2018 he embraced a more percussive, abrasive format with ‘Soaked in Mercury’ – a shift orientated towards the late-night dance floor. With 2019’s ‘When My Feet Come Down to Walk on Earth’ there is no doubt that Moas has polished his craft, mastered his art, and hit his stride (hard).

‘When My Feet Come Down to Walk on Earth’ offers an exploration of sound recontextualised, augmented and evolved. Listen to it below, first.


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