VIDEO PREMIERE: Glitter balls & grand larceny on Harley Mavis’ Thief

July 11th 2019

Harley Mavis thief

In an aesthetically beautiful off-kilter video, Sydney’s Harley Mavis has soaked her latest single ‘Thief’ in vintage glamour and 60s live video grandeur.

The music video, directed by Maya Luana, reflects the beauty of Harley’s voice while mimicking her quirky personality with over-the-top dance moves, exaggerated playing of instruments, and soulful singing directly into the moving camera. Both visually and sonically, the video features rich warm tones, and matches the highs and lows of the song’s subject matter, which centres on mental health.

Beneath the cheeriness of ‘Thief’, Harley signals the internal struggle of being caught up in a relationship and battling with the ups and downs of her mental health.

“Thief is a reflection of being in a really emotionally manipulative relationship and constantly feeling like that person has a hold on you regardless of having broken up. It’s a song that really encapsulates my mental health at that time in my life.”

Having grown up idolising strong female folk artists like Missy Higgins, Harley Mavis’ sound pays homage to her roots while melding them with her brand of cruisy, alt-folk rock. With devastating lyrics, pile driving choruses, and a unique outlook, she’s an artist to keep an eye on. For now, you can keep your eyes on her latest film clip.


WHO: Harley Mavis w/ Ainslee Farrell and Lisa Caruso
WHERE: Botany View Hotel
WHEN: Friday 12 July


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