Premiere: Dying Adolescence gets biblical on Revelation 3

July 20th 2018

Former FBi Radio Independent Artist of the Week Dying Adolescence (aka Sydney’s Michael Barker) refuses to let the four walls of his bedroom recording set-up confine his biblical ambition on new single Revelation 3.

Revelation 3 is Barker’s first release since 2017’s Lonely EP. Animated by rolling toms, and rinsed through with airy synths and disaffected lyrical generalities (and I’m feeling all alone/i’d rather stay at home), the first act lulls with safe chords and safe sentiments before a guitar-wall of redemption rips through in the second, tailed by Barker shouting out his epiphanies. These epiphanies deal with death, lust and apocalypse; a thematic trinity undeniably coloured by his Catholic upbringing.

There’s no verse-chorus-verse-chorus nonsense here, just a lively set-up, a heroic fist-pumping knock-down, and a brief reflective coda to sweep up the shards – a sub-3 minute slice of polished diy that belies its bedroom genesis.

Revelation 3 is out through Slovakian label Ztapes, and will be launched at the Botany View on Saturday night. Amen.

WHAT: Revelation 3 – Single Launch
WHO: Dying Adolescence w Bourgeois Earth + The S-Bends
WHEN: Saturday 21 July
WHERE: The Botany View Hotel



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