PREMIERE: Body Type’s self-titled debut EP is here

October 18th 2018

Photo by Dakota Gordon 

With their electric self-titled debut EP, the 2017 SMAC Award winners for Next Big Thing are proving our point. Body Type is out tomorrow, but you can hear it here first!

Body Type’s debut EP is dream-pop impressionism at its best. Lashings of reverb, catchy guitars climbing all over each other, rumbling bass and drums all sprayed across the canvas, and done in three and a bit minutes.

Yep, the inescapable truth about Body Type the EP is that it’s fun as fuck, but that’s not to diminish its emotional depth and sophistication. This EP is a masterclass in marrying a kinetic, deliberation-lite aesthetic with finely-tuned arrangements and lyrics, giving it that elusive quality of being captivating from the get-go but rewarding on repeat listen.

It’s also a document which both charts, and draws a line under the band’s first act. Early singles ‘Silver’ and ‘Ludlow’ (which was re-recorded for this EP) crackle with the excitement of a band discovering their voice, while ‘Arrow’ breaks into a confident stride with its all-in chug, self-assured sing-speak delivery and weaponised “woop”s. This new gait is developed on super-catchy ‘Teeth’ and perfected on current single ‘Palms’, the hooky jewel in the DIY crown.

Fun and emotion, immediacy and depth, simplicity and sophistication. Check out the whole thing here first, and catch Body Type unleashing it live at FBi Turns 15.




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