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Hemp VS Right Wing Cartoonists with David Harmon

The return of the prodigal pod!! David Harmon (Dragonfriends) talks about right wing political cartoons. Eddie Sharp (this show) takes Dave on a TOUR through TIME to teach him all about how great hemp is. The textline keep trying to promote drug use but Eddie #maintains #his #cool

Versus On FBi Radio - Quokkas VS Mini Golf with Hannah Reilly and Ben Jenkins

This weeks podcast features Hannah Reilly and Ben Jenkins. Putt Putt golf vs Quokkas. Eddie keeps falling asleep. But that's ok it's early! Things got very passionate. Hannah slandered Ben relentlessly. Shaz described bacon real good for us too. Most importantly it's the debut of SAD BOYS. Sam, Anith and Eddie go to The Circus and talk to circus people. Enjoy?

Versus On FBi Radio - Loose Clothing VS Charcoal Grill BBQ's w/ Charlie Garber and Gareth Davies

This week actor, writer, director and Eddies childhood friend Charlie Garber came in to talk about "Loose Clothing". Also some guy called Garret? No Gareth. Gareth Davies talked about grills or something. Who cares!? Things got pretty heated and there was a lot of bickering. Eddie humiliated Charlie with some gotcha journalism and also told a pretty hectic story about venereal disease that a lot of people thought was maybe "too hot" for radio. Charlie and Gareth were great! Listen, what I'm trying to say is that this is a Champagne Podcast guys. Take a big fizzy sip and maybe you'll learn something. Enjoy?

Versus On FBi Radio - Cooperation VS Herbal Tea w/ Gen Fricker and Wyatt Nixon Lloyd

In this weeks episode the irrepressible Wyatt Nixon Lloyd, the wonderful Gen Fricker and the obligatory Eddie Sharp discuss cooperation, herbal tea and rough sex ... amongst other things. Enjoy?

Versus On FBi Radio - Talking Animals VS Weird Al Yankovich

Happy New Year! This weeks podcast is from Eddies first show after Nick left. Sad face. But not to worry because Radio Professional and Tall Glasses Man Lewis Hobba is there to help. Listen to them bicker about Talking Animals and Weird Al. Also Lewis tells a story about the ABC almost bankrupted a burrito franchise and Eddie reads out the number incorrectly EVERY DAMN TIME

Versus on FBi Radio - Witches vs Calendars w/ Sam Campbell and Claudia O'Doherty

Aaand we're back and podcasting! Missed me? This weeks podcasts features Claudia O'Doherty, Sam Campbell, Vaginal hallucinogens, cackling, sausage sizzles, dog calendars and stacks of awkward rambling convo. Greg Knox won text of the week. Oh and also Sweet Sammy C said "fuck" live on air because he's a grub. Enjoy?

Versus On FBi Radio - Crispin Glover vs French Cinema with Cait Harris

The dirty cockatiel flew high above the opera house … this weeks podcast guest stars writer/director and all round sassy lady Cait Harris. The topics? Crispin Glover vs French Cinema. Also hot gossip, wow unbelievable, guided meditation all that good stuff. Listen up!

Versus On FBi Radio - Dreamz VS Cultz with SPOD!

Oh what a great pod this was! Nick and Eddie are joined in the studio by Musician, Director, Rapper and all round Pod God: SPOD. Spod discusses Dreamz with wild abandon. Eddie tells you about why he wants to lead a cult. Nick tells you about how he wants to be a prison bitch and also the polar ice caps are melting and it's all Tony Abbotts fault. Also, as always, GUIDED MEDITATION. Lucky you! Enjoy.

Versus On FBi Radio - Gwyneth Paltrow VS The Ghost Army with Ben Harrison

This weeks podcast is Gwyneth Paltrow VS The Ghost Army with special guest Ben Harrison. Also covered female incontinence, used condoms, KGB spy radio, miso paste fish, slave owners, GOOP and Guided Meditation.

Versus On FBi Radio - Movie Mistakes vs Cheese with Lucy Wirth

What is better radio than three dickheads chomping on cheese directly into microphones? Nothing! Listen to us talk Movie Mistakes vs Cheese with actress, friend and funny legend Lucy Wirth. Also discussed: The Worlds Saddest Whale, Eddies crippling loneliness, Lucys crippling horniness, Nicks Grandma, swatches in Ben Hur and penises in TeenWolf. ALSO: A very special Gina Rinehart themed GUIDED MEDITATION. Bon Appe´tit.

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