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Up and Atom brings you the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in the ever-changing world of science.

Sometimes weird, sometimes confronting, always informative, come learn about the world around. Hosted by Dr Alice Williamson (@all_isee), University of Sydney lecturer and researcher for Open Source Malaria, each week on Up For It with Lucy Smith.


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Opossum Antivemon & Tasting Brains

Why are opossums immune to snake bites? And what's the deal with tasting stuff? Dr Alice Williamson joined Ruby Miles to answer some of these pressing questions.

Dino Dandruff & Asteroids

Dr Alice Williamson came into the studio to tell us about dinosaur dandruff and the asteroid that wiped them out.

Poop Hands & Green Lizards

Dr. Alice Williamson joined us to confirm our greatest fear (hand driers are spraying poop onto our fingers), and to teach us about green blooded lizards.

Grey Matter Special: A.I. Navigation & Neanderthal Brains

Dr Alice Williamson joined Ruby to talk all things brains. We learned that Google DeepMind has developed an internal satnav (all by itself?!), and about Neanderthal brains that are being grown in petri dishes.

Flesh Eating Bacteria & Sea Floor Antibiotics

Dr. Alice Williamson has finally returned so we can bask in her sciencey glory. It's not all good news though. We talked flesh eating ulcers, and the people who search the sea floor for medicine.

Ageing vs Cancer & Infinitely Recyclable Plastic

Dr. Alice Williamson is still out of sorts, so Tom Gordon joined us to talk protein caps on DNA and special plastic.

Exo-Planets & Nanomotors

Dr. Alice Williamson is recovering, so our backup scientist Tom Gordon swooped in to save the day. He told us all about a spacecraft on the hunt for alien planets, and tiny robots who can fix your cells from the inside.

Light Tweezers & Quantum Computing

We're cursed! Dr Alice Williamson tripped over some loose science on the floor and needed to call in from home. Luckily we still got our knowledge fix, learning about laser beam tweezers and their impact on quantum computers.

Wasp Drums & Really Killer Whales

Dr Alice Williamson returns to the studio to talk wasp drumming and seriously killer whales.

Ball Tampering & Smeat

Tom Gordon joined us for a second week to talk the physics of ball tampering and meat grown in petri dishes.

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