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Up and Atom brings you the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in the ever-changing world of science.

Sometimes weird, sometimes confronting, always informative, come learn about the world around. Hosted by Dr Alice Williamson (@all_isee), University of Sydney lecturer and researcher for Open Source Malaria, each week on Up For It with Lucy Smith.


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Firebirds & Pills That Sniff Your Guts

Dr Alice Williamson joined Ruby this morning to talk fire starting birds and a machine the size of a pill that could change diagnostic medicine as we know it.

The Big Up And Atom Quiz Of 2017

Lucy Smith is officially wrapping up her time as host of Up For It, making way for a new presenter in 2018 after an incredible two years behind the mic. On her final edition of Up and Atom, Dr Alice Williamson quite literally put her to the test, submitting Lucy to her first science quiz since high school while recapping the biggest science stories covered on Up and Atom over the past year. Questions ranged from why Western Australians were asked to collect as many cane toads as possible, to who was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and when the first-ever sighting of a gravitational wave event using conventional telescopes was. While Lucy may be moving on, Dr Alice will be back with more science in 2018.

The Science Of Sniffs & 'Daversity' Problems

Dr Alice Williamson joined Lucy to share some personal memories sparked by specific smells, because one of our science stories this morning is about the research being done to categorise, measure, and quantify smells. They also talked about the 'daversity' problem in Australian science that sees men being given far more grants than women. Research shows these men are also mostly only working with other men, which makes it even tougher for women in science. Also, most of them are called Dave.

Lab Grown Skin & Fabric That Warms AND Cools

Our globe-trotting scientist Dr Alice Williamson is back in the country once more, and she dropped by the studio to give Lucy the low down on two amazing new pieces of science news. Scientists have managed to grown a genetically modified replacement skin for a 7 year old boy in Syria, and a reversible material is being developed that'll keep you warm one way, and cool if you turn it inside out.

Biomole-cools & Going for Gold

Dr Alice Williamson joins us again in the FBi Studio to bring us all the news of exciting developments in the world of chemistry and the Nobel prize for Chemistry's impacts. We also found out the origin of athletes biting their gold medals, gold's properties and uses.

Space Racing & Phallic Pee-Search

Tom Gordon joins Lucy Smith for Up and Atom! this week to bring us exciting news on Australia's space embassy. One small step for man, one giant leap for all Aussie kind! We also discussed the 'pee-search' suggesting boys are better than girls at physics as they learn from a young age to pee standing up.

Bill Nye Saves the World! (and Australia!)

Bill Nye is going to save the world, but can he save Australia too? Joined by Dr Alice Williamson, Bill shares with us how Australia is a corner stone in scientific discoveries. Listen in and get inspired!

Bready for Gluten-free Wheat?

Dr Alice Williamson joins Lucy Smith, bringing us all the latest in gene-editing research of wheat and gluten. Big news for coeliacs and those of us who are gluten intolerant! Cake for all!

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