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A weekly exploration of strange subgenres and experimental movements, Uncanny Valley compares and contrasts two records – one fresh, one classic – and grounds them in their respective musical contexts. From no wave to noise pop, future funk to freak folk, the program will shine a spotlight on left-field releases from across the world.


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Episode 11 - Future Funk with Business Casual and Macross 82-99

This week on Uncanny Valley, we flail our arms around to the groovy goodness of Future Funk. Tracks are taken from Business Casual's latest compilation tape 'ANNIVERSARY VOL.6' as well as Macross 82-99's classic 2014 release 'A Million Miles Away'.

Episode 10 - Shoegaze with Universal Nekoko and Sweet Trip

This week on Uncanny Valley, we fuzz out to the warm noise of shoegaze. Tracks are taken from Japanese shoegazer Universal Nekoko's latest album, as well as from US duo Sweet Trip's 2009 classic 'You Will Never Know Why'.

Episode 9 - Chamber Pop with Andrew Bird and Joanna Newsom

This week on Uncanny Valley, we bliss out to some violins and listen to the lush sounds of Chamber Pop. Tracks are taken from Andrew Bird's 2019 record 'My Finest Work Yet' as well as Joanna Newsom's two latest albums, 'Divers' and 'Have One on Me'.

Episode 8 - Abstract Hip Hop with Slauson Malone and cLOUDDEAD

This week on Uncanny Valley, the grooves get blurry as we deep dive into Abstract Hip Hop. Tracks are taken from Slauson Malone's debut record 'A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018' as well as Ohio trio cLOUDDEAD's self-titled single compilation from 2001.

Episode 7 - Drone Metal with Sunn O))) and Boris

This week on Uncanny Valley, we get pummelled by the intense bass frequencies of drone metal. Tracks are taken from Sunn O)))'s latest record 'Life Metal', produced by Steve Albini, as well as their collaborative LP 'Altar', which they recorded in 2006 with Japan's Boris.

Episode 6 - Glitch with Matmos and Jan Jelinek

This week on Uncanny Valley, we digitally disassociate with the destructive drones of glitch music. Tracks are taken from creative sonic duo Matmos and their latest plunderphonics record 'Plastic Anniversary', as well as Jan Jelinek's classic 2001 microhouse album 'Loop-finding-jazz-records'.

Episode 5 - Progressive Metal with Devin Townsend and Liturgy

This week on Uncanny Valley, we become the galaxy brain in that brain meme by listening to the complex compositions of progressive metal. Tracks are taken from Devin Townsend's latest solo record 'Empath' as well as controversial 'transcendental black metal' band Liturgy's 2015 album 'The Ark Work'.

Episode 4 - New Age Music with Kankyo Ongaku and John Maus

This week, we drift in and out of sleep to the clean and ambient soundscapes of New Age. Tracks are taken from Light in the Attic's archival collection 'Kankyo Ongaku' as well as hypnagogic-popper John Maus' latest record 'Addendum'.

Episode 3 - Midwest Emo with American Football and The Brave Little Abacus

This week on Uncanny Valley, we sob uncontrollably to the sweet but melancholy music of Midwest Emo, featuring records from genre mainstays American Football and sonic experimenters The Brave Little Abacus. Tracks are taken from American Football's 'LP3' and The Brave Little Abacus' 2010 Bandcamp breakout 'just got back from the discomfort -- we're alright'.

Episode 2 - Ambient Psychedelia with Avey Tare and Paavoharju

The warbly and alien world of ambient psychedelia gets an exploration this week, featuring records from Animal Collective frontman Avey Tare and Finnish freak-folk band Paavoharju. Tracks are taken from Avey Tare's latest solo record 'Cows On Hourglass Pond' and Paavoharju's sophomore LP 'Laulu laakson kukista'.

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