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Conversations for people trying to understand the value in their racial and cultural identity.

Race Matters is a weekly show, airing live on Sydney’s FBi Radio each Monday at 5:30pm. It sees Sara Khan and Darren Lesaguis chat race, culture, representation, arts and current affairs with a range of guests.



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Episode 41: Farewell Rhyan!

Rhyan joins us one last time as an in-studio host, for an emotional and laughter-filled yarn with Sara about some of his favourite moments over the past year, and what Race Matters has meant to him. We love you Rhyan!

Episode 40: The Farewell (with Ying-Di Yin and Justin Tam)

When it comes to Asian representation in the media, what's changed over the past year? Following last week's reprise of their conversation around Crazy Rich Asians, we brought back Justin Tam and Ying-Di Yin to talk about Lulu Wang's 2019 film The Farewell, sidelining whiteness in ethnic narratives and the complexities of bi-culturalism.

Episode 39: Crazy Rich Asians (with Ying-Di Yin and Justin Tam)

Does Asian representation in the media cut it? Publicist and actor Ying-Di Yin and writer and producer Justin Tam return to Race Matters this month to chat Lulu Wang's film The Farewell – but before they do, revisit their chat from last year, talking Crazy Rich Asians.

Episode 38: Cultural Appropriation

What actually is cultural appropriation? And why does it matter? This Halloween, we thought it apt to tackle the ever-controversial topic. Get your bite-sized lowdown right here.

Episode 37: Cancelled

Political correctness gone mad, or a legitimate way of holding those with influence accountable in the internet age? This week on Race Matters, we tackle cancel culture.

Episode 36: Wiradjuri Movement (with Joel Bray and Vicki Van Hout)

What’s the connection between colonisation and gay dating app Grindr? And how do you deal with expectations when you make contemporary art through the lens of the world’s oldest living culture? We chat to artists Joel Bray and Vicki Van Hout about this and more, ahead of their two shows as part of Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art this October.

Episode 35: Halal Gurls (with Aanisa Vylet)

Aanisa Vylet wrote and stars in Halal Gurls, the world's first hijabi comedy series. We chat to her about her experience making the show, some of her early influences and why authentic, intelligent representation matters.

Episode 34: Shifting the Balance (with Lena Nahlous)

We know there's a lack of diverse representation in the arts, especially when it comes to positions of power. But we haven't always had the numbers to prove it. Executive Director of Diversity Arts Australia, Lena Nahlous, unpacks their recent report into arts leadership, diversity and inclusion, proving that we have a problem and directing us to start working on solutions.

Episode 33: Paris Report (with PM Kanza.)

In a Race Matters first, our resident globetrotter Rhyan Clapham talks race, identity and music with French rapper PM Kanza.

Episode 32: Farewell Georgia!

It's Georgia's last show! She reflects on the crushes she's manifested by way of interviewing them for past episodes. Plus, we look to the future, chatting Western Sydney crew ONEFOUR and how they're taking the world by storm.

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