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Conversations for people trying to understand the value in their racial and cultural identity.

Race Matters is a weekly show, airing live on Sydney’s FBi Radio each Monday at 5:30pm. It sees Sara Khan and Darren Lesaguis chat race, culture, representation, arts and current affairs with a range of guests.



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Episode 58: Why Don't You Say So? (with Carolina De La Piedra)

Between Doja Cat and Lana Del Rey, there is some hectic race-related controversy bouncing around pop music right now. We unpack Lana's dripping-in-white-woman-fragility Instagram rant. Plus, Carolina De La Piedra fills us in on what's going on with Doja, namely her alleged involvement in some incel, white supremacist chat rooms and the resurfacing of an unreleased track of hers based around a racial slur.

Episode 57: Never Have I Ever... Seen Myself On Screen

Mindy Kaling's new teen Netflix comedy-drama is being hailed as a watershed moment for South Asian representation. But what does that really mean, when the bar is already so low, if not non-existent? We talk about what Never Have I Ever got right, what it got wrong, and what it meant to us.

Episode 56: A Man Was Lynched Yesterday

Between 1920 and 1938, a flag bearing the words "A man was lynched yesterday" was flown from the headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in the United States. But as the recent murder of Ahmaud Arbery shows, lynching is far from a thing of the past. This week, we unpack the ongoing struggle to confront and convince the wider community of systematic racism, and the role white people play in upending or upholding these systems. Warning: this episode contains discussions of racialised violence.

Episode 55: Humour and Desire (with Janette Chen)

Chinese-Australian author Janette Chen walks us through translating formative experiences onto the page and the pivotal role stationery had in getting her started as a writer. You can read Janette's stories in Sweatshop Women Volume One and Two. Plus, Sara and Tanya catch up on what's been keeping us going this week as we continue to navigate isolation.

Episode 54: Privilege in Isolation

It’s been over a month since the government advised self isolation and social distancing across Australia. A LOT has happened since then... including some deeply misguided at best, unhinged at worst celeb moments (hey Madonna + Gal Gadot, we see you!). In this ep, we reflect on how experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic differs depending on your race, your socioeconomic status, your level of privilege.

Episode 53: Top of the List

One of the silver linings of this strange moment is that many of us are finding ourselves with a bit of extra time on our hands. Why not spend it with some of the art made by our communities? We put the question to you: what PoC-led media are you loving right now? Hear from listeners + past guests alike on what pop culture they can't get enough of. Plus, local pop icon and past guest Rainbow Chan tells us how she's practising self-care in social isolation. Full list of the media plugged in this ep: On My Block (Netflix) / @amandabb (Youtube) / Small Doses by Amanda Seales (Booktopia) / Spa Night (SBS On Demand) / HEAVN by Jamila Woods (Spotify) / Priya Krishna (Instagram) / Homebound (To be released; on Instagram @homeboundmovie) / The Family Law (SBS On Demand; Google Play) / Dragon Prince (Netflix) / Man Like Mobeen (Netflix) / Dear White People (Netflix).

Episode 52: (Re)connection (with DOBBY)

If your artistic practice hinges on live performance, what does COVID-19 mean for you and your livelihood? We catch up with former Race Matters host and rapper DOBBY aka Rhyan Clapham to hear about how he's navigating these uncertain times as a musician. Plus, Soo-Min Shim reads us some quotes that are buoying her through isolation.

Episode 51: Self-care in Isolation

In these incredibly tough times, how are you looking after yourself? We reached out to a bunch of past Race Matters guests and friends to hear how they're practising self-care while physically distancing. You'll hear from Courte Marsh, Nathan Sentance, Winnie Dunn, Chela, Johnny Lieu, Marcus Whale, Ying-Di Yin, Justin Tam, Manisha Anjali, Leah Jing Mcintosh, Ayeesha Ash, and of course, Sara Khan and Darren Lesaguis. We'd love to hear from you too – record a voice memo telling us one thing you're doing at the moment to care for yourself and send it to us: racematters [at] fbiradio [dot] com.

Episode 50: The Coconut Children (with Vivian Pham)

Widely acclaimed not even a month after its publication, Western Sydney author Vivian Pham's 'The Coconut Children' is set to be one of the most loved debuts of the year. She chats about what drew her to the written word, how Sydney Story Factory changed the way she saw writing race, and reclaiming her own narrative.

From The Vault: For Us, By Us (with Ayeesha Ash)

We dive into our vault, unearthing a conversation from 2018 with artist, 2019 FBi SMAC Award winner, and Artistic Director of Black Birds theatre collective, Ayeesha Ash – on representation on-stage, Rachel Dolezal, and the power of seeing Solange's Sydney Opera House debut.

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