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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Serge Negus.

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Amelia Marshall

Editor of The Cusp Amelia Marshall talks about what it means to be a young and moving into adulthood.

Travis De Vries

Gamilaroi man, dancer, artist and writer Travis De Vries chats to Serge about what it means to be young and black in Australia today.

Arthur Alla

Arthur Alla realised that something need to be done to bridge the divide between kids living in the bush and kids in the city. So he started Red Earth, an organisation which connects Indigenous Australians from remote homelands with young people from the city. Work which saw him receive an award for NSW young Australian of the near and a nomination for Young Australian of the year.

Damien Power

Damien Power is one of the rising stars in the Australian comedy scene, hear him chat philosophy, ideology and politics.

Nevo Zisin

Nevo Zisin is a 21-year-old transgender activist who identifies as queer, transmasculine and non-binary. Nevo has just released an autobiography about gender and their journey to identity.

Jed Smith

Growing up with a single mother living in share houses, Jed Smith represents a voice rarely heard from, working class breadline Australia.

Jo Stewart

Jo Stewart is a writer and journalist who is fascinated by cults.

Anthony Albanese MP

Anthony Albanese MP grew up in a Camperdown public housing block. He was raised by a single mother who instilled a deep sense of social justice in a boy who would one day become the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

James 'Breko' Brechney

James 'Breko' Brechney is a gay icon in Sydney. Hear his chat with Serge about being a prankster, loving showbiz and his work on the board of Mardi Gras.

Kim Leutwyler

Archibald Prize finalist Kim Leutwyler talks to Serge about opening discussion with art, sexuality, inequality and marriage equality.

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