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Movies Movies Movies is a weekly show with exclusive extended podcasts exploring the movie universe from the Sydney viewpoint of two huge film Lordes, Jack Atherton and André Shannon.



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Movies for Boys

Portrait of a Lady on Fire + 6 Underground, and the Filmordes talk to director Simon Croker about their short film All Good Things which will world premiere at Flickerfest 2020. We love Trent Reznor complaining about Netflix, and Megan Fox complaining about Michael Bay. Also, we discuss making break-up films as gays in Australia. Happy gooch-week to all our listeners, and see you in 2020.

Most Polarising

Greta Thunberg, Harvey Weinstein, Anna Karina, Gaspar Noe, M Knight Shyamalan, Mati Diop, André Shannon and a whole lineup of other polarising figures in film discussed in todays show - Bridie's last for 2019. What did you drag people to? We're in the business of dragging...

Brain Kinda Melted

Bombshell + When I Get Home (Director's Cut) The Golden Globes suck and everyone's treating it like news, Megyn Kelly's son thought Charlize Theron's prosthetics were so good he genuinely thought she was his mum in the poster for Bombshell + who wants to see Cats and what movies do they like? Was Midsommar the film of the year?

The Special Two

Marriage Story + Wrinkles The Clown, William Suen from Half Symbolic Films joins us to talk about Paul Schrader's Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters. The Nightingale has swept the AACTAs but why isn't anyone talking about it? Deb Mailman and The Australian Dream also take away statues and Cate Shortland's Black Widow trailer is out.

Martin Armiger, our Lucky Cloud

Beach Bum + Filmlorde Andre remembers late composer Martin Armiger before begging everyone to see Destiny Deacon's work at MCA. The Aussie Oscars are happening now, good luck to Sequin in a Blue Room, but what did Gillian Armstrong really think of Gerwig's Little Women? And also, how come we're still talking about Climax by Gaspar Noé? We remember Australian film composer Martin Armiger and play Strangers on a Train (1980) by his band The Sports. We love you Martin, thanks for teaching film students that Single Ladies is a music treasure.

Vroom Vroom pt.II w/ co-host Michael Sun

How To Be: Mark Ronson + I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry, Filmlorde Andre is joined by special guest Angel Michael Sun to talk about New York graffiti. Documentaries are back with a vengeance (did they ever leave?) with Gorillaz and Paris Is Burning coming front and centre. Selina Miles is a filmmaker in the studio discussing their award winning film about Graffiti photographer Martha Cooper, and the Filmlordes theorise: does the world need Nasty Cherry?

Vroom Vroom w/ co-host Selena Shannon

Charlie's Angels + Ford Vs. Ferrari, and special guest Filmlorde Selena Shannon helps pick a winner for the Japanese Film Festival giveaway. The Filmlordes are embarrassed to hate Charlie's Angels, discussion ensues. We discuss the new Selena biopic on Netflix, Georgia's banning of 'And Then We Danced', and we interview Simonne Goran from the JFF to discuss the magnificent lineup.

Three Haims talk Stanley w/ co-host Dylan Sanders

Now I'm In It + Doctor Sleep, and Movies Movies Movies is joined by special guest co-host Jared Richards. We talk ABC's QandA moment, Haim being the coolest band in the world, Shelley Duval erasure, and André's narcolepsy. Jared also dishes on Aaron Sorkin's open letter to Zuckerberg. In Sydney Spotlight we interview filmmaker Genevieve Bailey about their new documentary Happy Sad Man, which unpacks male packages. More information on this film at

Dark Arts

The Laundromat + Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil: There is a long shadow of Halloween playing out at the Art Gallery of NSW with another immaculately curated series of films to catch up on. Weinstein isn't in jail and was heckled last week, AACTA nominations are out including friends of the show Sequin in a Blue Room and The Nightingale and Cardi B is set to star in Fast and Furious 9.

King Princesses talk Clown Prince

Joker + Total Control, and the Filmlordes discuss Static Vision and their exclusive screening of Bi Gan's sophomore film Long Day's Journey Into Night [3D]. Also, French protests get chic, Martin Scorsese whines about Marvel, and Zoe Kravitz get casts as Catwoman - not Juno MacGuff... Speaking of which, people think Jennifer's Body is a superhero movie (j'agree) and we use that as ammunition to get people to see Static Vision's screening of Bi Gan's festival favourite.

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