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Movies Movies Movies is a weekly show with exclusive extended podcasts exploring the movie universe from the Sydney viewpoint of two huge film Lordes, Jack Atherton and André Shannon.



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Stinky Pile of Moon Cheese!

First Man + Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot, We also let you know where to catch The Pornographers, American Psycho and Wim Wenders this week. We talk about Lars Von Trier's new film, Bill Cosby's sentence, Zoe Kravitz in a new adaptation of High Fidelity and Assassination Nation not receiving a release in Australia. 

Mates and Dates!

The Predator + Jirga and André and Jack, born desperate, asking to be taken out on dates. We impersonate Sarah Paulson impersonating Drew Barrymore for your money and talk to callers and commit to shooting porn with one of them.

DANGERFILM: Warwick Thornton, Elaine Crombie, Hunter Page-Lochard, Dylan River, Penny Smallacombe

Celebrating 25 Years of the Indigenous Unit at Screen Australia with Warwick Thornton, Elaine Crombie, Hunter Page-Lochard, Penny Smallacombe and Dylan River. We talk to some of the most talented people working in Indigenous film in Australia about what to expect from the next 25 years of Indigenous filmmaking in this country and how far we've come. This is a call to arms for young Indigenous filmmakers to find ways to make movies.

Haunted w Evie Friedrich

Ghosthunter + The Nun. Evie Friedrich, co-director of Cherry, joins us to talk about her Sydney Underground Film Festival debut. Australian director Jennifer Kent wins the Grand Jury Prize for The Nightingale, is the only female filmmaker in competition and is called a whore during her standing ovation. We talk more about Venice and Shia Labeouf's new theatre school. André reviews The Conjuring prequel The Nun and Jack reviews local documentary Ghosthunter. We also have fellow Reflexxxer Evie Friedrich in the studio talking about Skins and underground anti-auteur cinema including her film which is playing as part of the Ozploitation collection at the Sydney Underground Film Festival. 

A Star is Struck Down by Lightning!

Three Identical Strangers and Kidding. A new dude is putting his spin on the Joker, lightning strikes Lady Gaga in Venice and Guillermo Del Toro is a feminist. We talk about Jim Carey and Michel Gondry’s latest collaboration Kidding and the much-hyped documentary Three Identical Strangers.

Dear Filmlordes!

The Filmlordes try to get as much covered in film news this week as possible, cramming Jennifer Kent bitching to Lena Dunham casting, to Billionaire Boys Club booing to Claire Denis loving into film news. They then review Crazy Rich Asians and McQueen. Finally, the Filmlordes decide who gets to win a double pass to see the McQueen documentary thanks to some film lovers texting in their favourite on screen fashion moment. 

Sydney Underground Film Fest!

Jack and Andre review BLACKKKLANSMAN and The Meg, and discuss what the best use of Aretha Franklin is in film. Is it in Bridget Jone's Diary? High Fidelity? The Blues Brothers? My Best Friend's Wedding? We also get to chat to Stefan Popescu, co-director of the SUFF that is happening from September 13-16 at the Factory Theatre. Also, Rihanna is shooting something in Cuba...

DANGERFILM with Imogen McCluskey director of Suburban Wildlife

Imogen McCluskey is the filmmaker behind Suburban Wildlife, a debut feature film made on a micro budget; she co-wrote, directed, produced the film with a ragshag of Sydney creatives.  

In this episode of DANGERFILM the Filmlordes get the exclusive scoop on Suburban Wildlife before it takes the world by storm. Imogen talks about the film, her tips on getting a film off the ground, and how to make art when your body is telling you NO! Also in this wonderful conversation the gang giggle about Soairse Ronan, Oscar Speeches, Mel Gibson's set, and everyone shares how to be the best crew member on a film set.

Tom Cruise into Summer of 93!

Filmlordes Jack and André review Mission Impossible VI and Summer of 93. They share their take on the new Oscars category and pump the Korean Film Festival. Oh and the screenings at NSW art Gallery are discussed. 

Suburban Wildlife!

Filmlordes review The Miseducation of Cameron Post and You Were Never Really Here, two films screening at MIFF 2018. Speaking of which, Jack and André are at MIFF, so Jack does a phone in to talk about NSYNC, the Brady Bunch house sale, LeBron James and how much he misses André. In Sydney Spotlight Jack and André talk to Imogen Heap about her debut micro-budget feature film Suburban Wildlife. It's a blast!

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