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Women of 'Vai'

The Filmlordes take a break SIKE; they interview 4 of the 9 female directors of Vai, and call Jack over the phone to chat about why Jack loves Richard E Grant so much. Also, we discuss Nicole Kidman's cat bag situation, and how to stay cool when walking out of Claire Denis' High Life. 

[UNCUT] Sophie Hattch Interview

Filmlordes Jack and André interview Sophie Hattch, a producer on Sequin in a Blue Room and Suburban Wildlife, two features premiering at SFF 2019. The two films are debuts - directed by Sam Van Grinsven and Imogen McCluskey - who made the films on shoe-string budgets. We talk about funding, shooting, and creating in Sydney, the question of whether to show really dick on screen, and how to bring a debut feature to life. 

[UNCUT] Gillian Armstrong Interview

Filmlordes Jack and André interview filmmaker Gillian Armstrong on her film High Tide screening at SFF 2019. The film is presented in the section 'David Stratton Presents' from the collection of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. We discuss Greta Gerwig, making films throughout the years, and what its like being a filmmaker in 2019.


Varda by Agnés + Pain & Glory, ANTIFA David Stratton, walkouts at The Nightingale premiere and Chernobyl backlash.

A big first weekend of the Sydney film festival sees sell out premieres of Sequin in a Blue Room and Suburban Wildlife. Cutting edge and divisive cinema amidst political turmoil as fascism and authoritarianism tightens it's grip. David Stratton speaks out!!! Plus, we tease something close to our hearts coming soon to a venue near you - Garden Reflexxx presents Last Minute Challenge, a film festival curated by Enoch Mailangi, and us! A collection of local and international resourceful cinema. 

[UNCUT] Ana Kokkinos Interview

Filmlordes Jack and André interview filmmaker Ana Kokkinos on her film Blessed, screening at SFF 2019 in the 'David Stratton Presents' section from the collection of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. We talk about social media being a new queer beat, not making exploitative LGBT films, and how to explore danger in this day and age. 

Teenage Dream with Sophie Hattch!

Chernobyl + Her Smell, and the Filmlordes talk to Canberran producer Sophie Hattch about being young and premiering two debut features at SFF 2019 - we discuss Suburban Wildlife and Sequin in a Blue Room. Also, Sandra Oh should win Best Actress at the Emmy's, and Sacha Baron Cohen is in the news (lol). We also ask listeners to name and shame Canberra for some free tickets to SFF 2019.

No More Lies ft. Erica Glynn

Saturday Afternoon + No More Lies, We talk to filmmaker Erica Glynn about She Who Must Be Loved ahead of its Sydney Film Festival debut. Wow, huge episode from Margot Robbie and Quentin Tarantino's best dog award at Cannes to James Charles's slap back. We have a great chat with Erica Glynn about what it's like to make a film about your Mum. We also talk about what it must be like to make a film about a recent tragedy, like Mostafa Sarwar Farooki has just done in Saturday Night, a film from the Bangladeshi New Wave inspired by the Holey Artisan Bakery terrorist attack in 2016. 

Sleepover with John Waters! ft. Jenny Neighbour

Happy As Lazzaro + John Wick 3: Paracetamol, the Filmlordes interview Jenny Neighbour on All Night Cine-Love In. Also, why is Cannes so opposed to moms? And what was it like to see Eraserhead for the first time in the 70s? Jenny Neighbour talks everything cinephilia for her, and the films that have stuck with her forever.

Top of the Lake!

Top End Wedding + Long Shot: Sydney Film Festival top picks and Jane Campion news. 
And we couldn't help but wonder, how did we let ourselves get swept up in romantic comedies this week?

News about Jane Campion's upcoming feature return, SBS World Movies channel, Peggy Lipton's passing and How To Vote for the screen industries to tell more of our own stories (Hint: not the LNP).


Notes on Camping(*)

3 Faces + Knock Down The House, Nightmare camp trips, High Fantasy and John Singleton in memoriam. The South African Film Festival is opening at Boody J (Bondi Junction) with High Fantasy, a body-swap race relations iPhone movie that looks like an episode of Skins. We pay our respects to John Singleton and talk about whether bedwetting is edgy because there is a musical being made out of Sarah Silverman's memoir. 

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