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EP 35: Ask Us Anything!

For the last Let's Talk About Sex of the year, Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens are gifting our listeners free advice to what ails them. Live on air, Tanya shares her wisdom to everything from labia size to emergency room mishaps.

EP 34: Christmas

It's getting to the end of the year and people are looking back on their year and gearing up to be home for Christmas. Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens talk tips to survive being home with your family and how to deal with relationship pressure during the holiday months.

EP 33: Nudity (Pt 2)

In part 2 of Nudie November, Bridie Tanner and resident sexologist Tanya Koens tackle the shame surrounding nudity in Australia and talk about how to flaunt your bits ethically and respectfully.
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EP 32: Nudity (Pt 1)

Courtney Ammenhauser and Tanya Koens discuss how to to not feel completely exposed when you're, well, completely exposed. When is it ok to be nude and why do we feel so ashamed of our naked bodies?

EP 31: How Much Is Too Much? (Pt 2)

Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens deep dive into a letter from a listener who wants to know if access to myriad sexual experiences means you're at a higher risk of unhealthy sexual behaviour and should we even care about what is "too much" sex? They unpack swinging in the city vs the country, being conscious about you intentions when having sex, and what even is normal sex?

EP 30: How Much Is Too Much? (Pt 1)

Courtney Ammenhauser and Tanya Koens talk us through how what is healthy sexual expression, how to negotiate what is enough sex and how to know when a lot of sex might be heading towards too much.

EP 29: Sex Tech

Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens are joined by sex tech guru Georgia Grace to discuss the latest and greatest in sex tech. They look to the future to see how technology will transform ways of experiencing pleasure and intimacy as well as how it can empower us to take control of our bodies.

EP 28: The Future Of Sex

In a special episode for FBi Radio's 2019 Supporter Drive; Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens go boldly into the Future Of Sex. They discuss the future of sexual conservatism, negotiating online heartbreak and the leaps yet to be made in the realms of gender and sexuality.

Orgasmic Yoga - Exploring Breath as an Erotic Pump
Presented by Cyd Crossman (Sunday 27th October 2019)

Sexual Comunication Skills - What Could Make This Even Better?
Presented by Tanya Koens (Sunday 27th October 2019)

EP 27: Awkward Sex Moments

Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens discuss all the funny, cringey and downright weird things that happen once our clothes come off.

EP 26: Awkward August - Taboo Crushes

Having a crush on a boss/housemate/friend can be tempting. This month for Awkward August, Bridie Tanner and Tanya Koens discuss if you should act on it or bottle it in. They also look at why the heart often wants what it can't have, and how our childhoods leave us vulnerable to this. Should you confront the people involved? They discuss ways to navigate these often tricky situations.

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