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Join Ayebatonye as she explores the intersectionality of identity within the arts, pop culture, social media and beyond. Each week she’ll be joined by a special guest (or two) and they’ll work to debunk hot takes and discuss what it means to live in Australia when you’re not considered part of the “dominant culture”.



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Talking Democracy in Colour with Tim Lo Surdo

Ayebatonye talks voting, the O.G Harmony Day ( International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination) and the power of grassroots campaigning with Tim Lo Surdo, National Director and Founder of Democracy in Colour.


- M.I.A - Borders

- Public Enemy - Fight the power

- Yothu Yindi - Treaty


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Discussing the Problem with Wokeness with Ayishat Akanbi

Ayebatonye chats with Ayishat Akanbi (@ayishat_akanbi) - Celebrity stylist, fashion icon, social commentator and writer- about "The Problem with wokeness", International Women's Day and coming to terms with your identity and femininity.


Watch viral video "The Problem with Wokeness:

Sampa the Great - Energy ft. Nadeem Din-Gabisi

Milan Ring - Step Back

Princess Nokia - Hands Up


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Talking music with "The First Lady of Beatdown", Lady Blacktronika

Ayebatonye chats with the First Lady of Beatdown, Lady Blacktronika about her upcoming compilation, her Australian shows, lessons learned and finding obscure samples for her productions.

Talking Meaningful Engagement and redefining the word "refugee" with Rez Gardi

Ayebatonye interviews the incredible Rez Gardi - Human Rights Lawyer, 2017 Young New Zealander of the Year, and Founder of Empower Youth - a youth-led charitable organisation established to empower, educate, and enable refugee youth and other marginalised youth in New Zealand to access new opportunities and pursue meaningful paths of their choice.


Find out more about Rez and her organisation Empower Youth below:


If you want to help, reach out to one of these organisations:


Discussing representation and the downfalls of diversity and inclusion strategies with Dr Jehan Kanga, Moreblessing Maturure and Emele Ugavule

This week Ayebatonye is joined by Dr Jehan Kanga, Moreblessing Maturure and Emele Ugavule to discuss what representation means and discuss their projects. 

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Talking "Intersectional therapy" with Panda Cheong

This week Ayebatonye chats with Panda Cheong, a registered psychologist who practices with an Integrated Framework (does not subscribe to one way of practicing or interacting with their psychological practice). They discuss whether it's necessary to find a therapist that shares similar intersections of identity, reimagining privilege systems,  sustainable options for accessing the mental healthcare system and whether trigger warnings are problematic.
Websites you should check out if you need:

Talking Natural born freaks and the negative ramifications of stereotyping Sarah (Birdgirl) Houbolt and Phil Fresh

This week join Ayebatonye as she learns about natural born freaks, the world's only blind and partially sighted ballet school with Sarah Houbolt and discusses the ramifications of Chris Lilley's "Jonah" Character with Sydney based rapper Phil Fresh.

Talking doxxing and racism in the digital age with Carrie Hou

This week Ayebatonye is joined by Carrie Hou, community organiser and anti-racism campaigner to talk doxxing, online safer spaces and navigating identity politics in the digital age.


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