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A weekly catch-up with the guys behind the comedy channel Friendlyjordies. Get around it stooge!


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Friendly Jordies Pod: Ali’s date night gone wrong, Mislav and Jordan’s high school reunion.

Move FM week highlights

this is our radio show - do you like diiiis?

Are Horoscopes Real?

Coz I looked up what a Leo’s like and I’m exactly like a leo….

Space Question

Is Anime better than real life (jesus what have we turned into we’re damn Gaijins) We also chat about other shit but this was done a while ago I can’t remember the rest - enjoy! 


That’s what we talk about this week, Zifreddi, Ghengis Khan, ROME TOTAL WAR and some other stuff about would you rather have sex with an ewok or one of those tenticle aliens 

Is Liquor land AWESOME!?!!

We talk about sex, trump, booze and other click bait 

We scoop on KE$HA

We both know a dirty lil secret about Ke$ha also we talk Sydney V Melbourne, Bert Newton and the modern political land scape 

Life Advice

This podcast will give you UNDENIABLE advice 


We talk about Mislav’s old country advice and whether it matters AT ALL, We talk about how important gang bangs are and…look I’ll be honest I can’t remember the rest 

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