Phoebe Bridgers: Connor Oberst would be a great cult leader

February 14th 2019

  • Phoebe Bridgers :: Interview with Bridie Tanner on Mornings

On a day when the office AC conked out, Phoebe Bridgers and her drummer Marshall breezed in for a chat on Mornings with Bridie Tanner, before hitting the stage for a brace of Oxford Art Factory shows.

Bridgers has been busy touring her incredible album Stranger in the Alps, making music with Better Oblivion Community Center (her band with Connor Oberst aka Bright Eyes), boygenius, and writing and recording with her cadre of muso mates in California.

On her first trip to Australia, Phoebe spoke about the similarities between her home city Los Angeles and Sydney (health foods and beaches being high on her list of priorities) and speculates about whether her Better Oblivion bandmate Connor Oberst is an actual cult leader.

“One time in Joshua Tree, he was playing with Mystic Valley Band and he for some reason threw his shoes into the fire pit for fun..? And then everybody at the show also threw their shoes into the fire, then he took off his pants and threw them into the fire pit, and his whole band are like ‘oh my god dude, you’re a cult leader.'”

Phoebe went on to talk through the difference between Phoebe Bridgers’ sound and Better Oblivion’s, becoming a producer, the sense of place infusing her work and even hinted at another album in the pipeline. She also promised Bridie that she’d start her OAF set with a karaoke version of Disturbed’s Down With the Sickness. A promise that was kept!

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