Ten Years of FBi

peach and shag

Friday August 23, 3-6pm

Best bros and former radio co-hosts Peach and Shag were reunited on Friday Arvos.
Listen back to the show on demand.


Sunday August 25, 5-7pm

Brother sister team Basslines (aka Louis and Gina Mitchell) joined their successors Foreigndub to share some sweet reggae vibes. Listen back to the show on demand.


Sunday August 25, 9-11pm

Utility Fog 10th Anniversary Special Part 1. Featuring entirely music from 2003 including The Books, Four Tet, The Postal Service and more. Listen back to the show here.


Tuesday August 27, 6-8pm

Ro Sham Bo staged a takeover of their old time slot, Tuesday Sunset. Levins, Moriarty, Elston and Jimmy Sing had their way with the airhorn and it got pretty loose. Listen back to the show here.


Thursday August 29, 6am-6pm

FBi first came on-air full time on August 29, 2003. On Thursday we had a retrospective look at FBi Albums of the Week from 2003 to now. On Up For It Sally Knight caught up with former hosts Alex Pye and Michaella Solar March, plus Hermitude and Seekae! Mornings, Lunch and Arvos continued the party.

On Out of the Box, Heidi Pett coaxed some special memories out of long-term FBi’er Julia Thomas. Listen back here


Thursday August 29, 6-8pm

Former Sunset host and general legend Jamie Doom joined Bad Ezzy and birthday boy Kato on Thursday Sunset to reminisce over a soundtrack of club bangers. Listen back here.


Friday August 30, 9am

Legendary local producer and muso Tony Buchen joined Stephen Ferris on Mornings. Tony worked on the first song aired on FBi, and countless other favourite tracks over the years. He picked out some favourites to share with us. Listen back here.


Friday August 30, 11pm-1am

Two FBi friends and former volunteers join Andrew Maxam on Liquid Electric tonight… Keith Pettinger, former host of FBis funk show The Breakdown turned head honcho of bass/electronic label Awkward Movements, and Martin Peralta, former Up For It and Live Feed producer turned Tooths.com.au master mind and experimental producer Ghost_
Listen to the show on demand here.

rob G

Saturday August 31, 3-5pm

Jack Shit is joined by Tony Roma and Rob G, reprising FBi’s retrospective show Crate Diggers with a dual guest-program. Plus we’ve tracked down the kid who voiced the ‘jack poo’ stings used on the show. He’s in year 12 now! How time flies. Listen back here


Sunday September 1, 5-7pm

FAT PLANET started on FBi in its first week on air back in 2003. Running for five years, FAT PLANET showcased new music from around the world, such as Scandanavian folk, Japanese dubstep and Chilean post-punk and flash-in-the-pan micro-genres like Euro-crunk and Digital Cumbia. To help celebrate FBi’s tenth birthday, Stuart Buchanan returns for a one-off FAT PLANET this Sunday from 5pm, playing some of the tracks that defined the sound of the show.


Sunday September 1, 7-9pm

Local Fidelity Birthday Special
We go tripping down memory lane with Flume, Cloud Control, Decoder Ring, Collarbones, Fishing, Rainbow Chan, Bloods, Jonathan Boulet, Oliver Tank, Moon Holiday, Dappled Cities, Palms, Catcall and The Preatures.


Monday September 2 to Friday September 6

From September 2-6, we’re pressing play on your favourite tracks from the past ten years of FBi.
Decide on ten of your favourite songs from FBi’s time on air. Then email your FBi10 to ten@fbiradio.com, listing title and artist for each song. Include your name, suburb and phone number.
We’ll let you know when to tune in to hear your playlist. Spots are limited so get in quick.


Monday September 2, 6-8pm

Lorna Clarkson joins Simon Caldwell on Monday Sunset. Lorna used to host Under the Influence on Monday nights. She now presents Down Low Disco on 2ser.


Sunday September 8, 12-10pm

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