Audio Design Museum



Audio Design Museum is a city-wide creative conversation on your radio. A collection of interviews, discussions, reviews and more featuring artists and speakers from Sydney Design 2014, produced in partnership with Object: Australian Design Centre.

On Mornings and Canvas, we featured conversations on wearable technology, 3D printing and the future of design with DJ Spooky, 66 meetups, Michaela Davies and more. Stream all of the discussions here…


Sunday August 17 – artist Michaela Davies and Google Creative Lab Creative Director Tom Uglow

  • Audio Design Museum :: Michaela Davies, Tom Uglow


Monday August 18 – Ben Moir from Snepo Research and Wearable Experiments. Design as a Strategy for Growth.

  • Audio Design Museum :: Ben Moir


Tuesday August 19 – Anna Lise de Lorenzo and Bronwyn Ferguson, 66 Meetups

  • Audio Design Museum :: 66 Meetups


Wednesday August 20 – DJ Spooky

  • Audio Design Museum :: DJ Spooky


Thursday August 21 – 3D Printing with Carrie Mulford, Dr Miles Park & Dr Brandon Gien

  • Audio Design Museum :: 3D Printing


Friday August 22 – Wearable Technology with Jess Erhart & Su-Wen Leong

  • Audio Design Museum :: Wearable Technology


Sunday August 24 – Veloscape, produced by Jess Hamilton

  • Audio Design Museum :: Veloscape


Monday August 25 – Idea Bombing with John O’Callaghan

  • Audio Design Museum :: Idea Bombing


Sydney Design 2014 brought together an array of contemporary design, change makers, practitioners and exhibitions, drawn from across Sydney’s creative industries. This year’s festival theme – Design Futures –  explored the changes in the way we design, produce and consume, with a Sydney-wide program of talks, exhibitions and workshops. The festival ran from August 16-24.

Object is Australia’s leading centre for contemporary design and plays a critical role in building a significant design culture for this country. They work to nurture a nation of innovative thinkers and inspire audiences to use design in their lives. Discover more at