Obscura Hail sings science softly on Up & Atom with Georgia Hitch

November 26th 2015


  • Obscura Hail :: Schrodinger's Cat (Live on Up & Atom)
  • Obscura Hail :: Terminal (Live on Up & Atom)

Obscura Hail’s music is all about experience — everything boils down to a personal story, a personal connection, a personal perspective on something otherwise startlingly abstract.

And what is more abstract than science, which frequently ventures into realms so far removed from our daily lives?

In this song performed for Georgia Hitch on Tuesday morning science segment Up & Atom, Obscura takes such an abstract concept prompted by new developments and research — Schrödinger’s Cat — and does much more than boil it down into a straightforward sung-aloud news soundbite.

In this haunting track, Schrödinger’s Cat becomes a mellow exploration of existence and trying to find your footing when you don’t know if you’re dead or alive. Obscura also shared a live rendition of his song ‘Terminal’ with a beautiful ambient vibe.

Check out more of Obscura Hail’s tracks on Soundcloud here.


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