Best Song

Presented by APRA AMCOS

Which song from the past year had you crack a smile every time it came around on the radio? Which track do you have playing in your head when you think back over 2017? We’ve picked five of Sydney’s best songs to choose from. It’s time for you to pick the big number one.

Gussy – Mornings

With the release of three singles over the last year, Sydney-based producer & singer Gussy has revealed themselves as one of Australia’s most evocative new talents. Their second single ‘Mornings’ is a masterclass in emotional juxtaposition, weaving a poignant narrative about conflict, sadness and pain through tight, poppy and percussive electronic production. It’s a beautiful and spellbinding oddity that displays a maturity in song-writing well beyond the years of an artist at the dawn of their career.

Odette – Watch Me Read You

What were you doing when you were eight years old? Watching Pokémon? Saddle Club? If instead you’d been writing music like Odette, you too might have released a track as phenomenal as her debut single ‘Watch Me Read You’. With the cadence of a master-poet, Odette delivers intricate verses about the pain of unrequited love; her sublime voice soaring over haunting piano as she breaks into the chorus. ‘Watch Me Read You’ is not a raw, unpolished gem which hints at potential, but is a work of fully-formed deliberate expertise – clearly the work of an artist who has spent years mastering her craft.

Okenyo – Woman’s World

‘WOMAN’S WORLD’ by neo-soul maverick OKENYO is a deftly executed onslaught of soul-infused genre-bending production and lyricism.  It’s a musical gut-punch arriving at the perfect moment, exhibiting the prowess of an artist approaching the peak of her powers. Uncompromising and fearless, ‘WOMAN’S WORLD’ feels like an exhilarating declaration: OKENYO isn’t just here to ask for a place at the table, she’s here to take it. Photo credit Jedd Cooney

Touch Sensitive – Lay Down

After the hotly-anticipated release of his debut album ‘Visions’ back in September, it’s hard to imagine how we survived four years on only a handful of singles from Touch Sensitive. ‘Lay Down’ is the next in a parade of dance floor anthems from the Sydney electronic dance producer; a thumping, hypnotic, and infectiously catchy banger that oozes the kind of sensuality we’ve come to expect from an artist at the top of his musical/moustache game. It’s safe to say you’re going to drink at least six thousand passionfruit mojitos to this track over the summer.

Rainbow Chan – Let Me

The genius of Rainbow Chan’s music lies in her ability to transform classic pop constructs into avant-garde electronic dreamscapes, and ‘Let Me’ is about as warped, twisted and broken as a pop song can get. It sounds as pained and jarring as the tale told in the song of finding the courage to break free from an exhausting on-and-off relationship. Chan finds clarity in the tumult through the internal monologue that drives ‘Let Me’, delivered through her incorruptible, crystalline vocals.