Commit To Community Radio

FBi’s digital radio service is at risk – we need your help to change this.

The digital radio service for all community stations is funded by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). Recent government funding cuts mean that many community digital radio services across the country will have to be switched off. We need the Government to address the funding shortfall.

Help us by joining the Commit To Community campaign at – adding your name will make a difference!


“Community radio provides a voice to such a broad range of people and interests in our communities that are not always represented by mainstream media outlets. It will be a sad day if digital radio loses the diversity and unique services that community radio brings to the media landscape.”

– Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) President Adrian Basso


What’s it all about?

• Community digital radio services are at risk unless the government commits to full funding for community digital radio services in the upcoming May 2013 budget.

• The future of free-to-air broadcasting is digital radio, the sector must secure its place on the digital radio broadcasting platform – community radio stations can’t afford to be left behind.

• The Government has committed $2.2m to community digital radio for four years 2012-16 but $3.6m is required to maintain the current community digital radio services in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

• We need the Government to commit to the $1.4 million per year shortfall in funding in the next budget, and if not, the number of community digital radio services currently on air will have to be substantially reduced. All community digital radio services would have to be switched off in at least two of the five mainland capital cities where they are currently operating.

• Community radio is the soul of Australian broadcasting – it’s where Australians go to hear home-grown, local programming.

• Community radio plays a vital role in providing a voice for communities not adequately serviced by the commercial and national broadcasting sectors. These include indigenous communities, ethnic communities, religious communities, youth, the sight-impaired, educational and the arts and cultural communities. Talk about the station you are involved with and the unique service and programs it offers to the community.

• We’re calling on everyone who cares about community radio to support the campaign for full government funding for digital services by going to and taking action. 

“Opera House or even the footy! I’ve lived in places outside Australia that would beg to have the mad and vibrant community radio scene that has prospered organically in Australia. As a creative hub, community radio is the bird in the hand – great track record, much loved, much respected – that we should support in the future.”

John Safran Documentary maker and radio broadcaster


Thanks for your support.
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