My First Time…Guineafowl

February 18th 2011

Sydney's Guineafowl will have to get comfortable in first place. They took out the Best Sydney Song for In Our Circles at FBi's SMAC Awards, and they are now set to cavort across the East Coast showing off their shiny new EP Hello Anxiety.  Before their launch at OAF we asked them to describe some other firsts…

My First Pub Trivia Win (Doug, Guitar/Synth/Vox)

My first win in pub trivia was when I was 18 and in first year uni. My friends and I had been attending trivia at the Charring Cross Hotel for a few months with some respectable second and thirds. Then one day, the stars aligned and one of my friends knew that E.B. White wrote Charlotte's Web. That was the point that got us over the line and meant we finally took down mortal enemies The Bronte Sisters, Marty's Folly and The Big Five…

My First Kiss (Yaz, Guitar)

My first kiss was in kindergarten when I was four with two girls: Kirsty Drinkwater (yes, hilarious name, I know) and some other girl whose name I've forgotten (no, I was not drunk). Everyone used to play kisschasy and there were more boys than girls in our year. I always thought it was unfair that the boys would gang up on the girls, so I used to defend the girls from the boys and allow them to get back to safe (which, from memory, was the only bubbler in the school at that time). One beautiful April morning, this chivalry led to my first (and, I guess, second) life-changing peck on the cheek.

My First Gig (Lochie, Bass)

My first gig ever as a punter was an all-ages gig in 1998 at the University of Western Australia and featured Eskimo Joe, Area 7 and The Living End. Eskimo Joe were known in Perth as "the Eskies" and I haven't been a fan of their since they dumped Sweater from their setlists. Area 7 led the late 90s ska revival that died shortly thereafter and Living End pumped out a belter of a set. I lost a shoe, got real sweaty with a bunch of strangers and saw my older sister get crushed in the mosh. All in all not a bad Friday night in Perth for a 13 year old. 

Guineafowl Hello Anxiety EP Launch
Friday 18 January
Oxford Arts Factory
w/ Cameras and We Say Bamboulee
$10 through Moshtix or $12 on the door

Presented by Groupie, FBi, The Brag, Beat & Rave



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