Red Bull Radio Spotlight: Afrosynth Records

On top of the sweet sounds on your radio every Monday arvo, we’re shining a spotlight on something exciting on Red Bull Radio. This month, we’re stepping inside Afrosynth Records in Johannesburg – a vital reserve for South African rarities and other pan-African sounds.

When Cape Town-bred DJ Okapi began immersing himself in the search for ’80s and ’90s South African vinyl some years back, he realised that there was little or no documentation of the sounds he was fast becoming enamored with. So began his blog Afrosynth – an online celebration of classic and obscure South African “bubblegum” that was rarely heard outside the nation during apartheid.

Afrosynth has since evolved from a virtual destination to a physical one, occupying an intimate storefront in the midst of busy downtown Johannesburg. Okapi stocks the shop with plenty of rediscovered gems, including an impressive amount of sealed vintage back stock for the collector crowd.

Listen as Okapi guides us through a selection of shop favorites – from newly championed rarities to traditional Congolese sounds and more.

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