Witness K chat espionage and ditching drums on Real to Reel

Witness K make eerie yet melodic music that combines meticulously arranged instrumentation with almost whispered poetry, distant vocals and the occasional chant. The group’s avant-garde arrangements build an uneasy yet beautiful atmosphere for listeners to immerse themselves.

Independent artist of the week: Mayke

Eora Sydney’s Justin Pix, a.k.a. Mayke is back on the scene after a two year hiatus. He’s switching up from his EDM roots, sharing a newfound love of hyperpop, IDM, dance, and trance with some exciting new tracks. He’s also our Independent Artist of the Week.

Independent artist of the week: Obelisk

Obelisk is the alias of Ryan O’Rourke, our Independent Artist of the Week. He’s a music producer, DJ and event coordinator, his new EP ‘Meta Bliss’ has been getting plenty of love on-air.

Tanya standing and smiling out the front of FBi with MUNA band

MUNA just want you to hurry up and love yourself

Three years after being dropped from their record label, electro-pop trio MUNA are doing better than ever. They swung by the studio for Lunch with Tanya Ali to chat about their latest album, self-care on tour, and navigating the world as queer artists.

Independent Artist of the Week: MUNGMUNG

MUNGMUNG is a multidisciplinary artist. Her creative process starts with a blend of visuals, lyrics and melodies, then lets inspiration take over.

MuftiDay_Project looks at Sydney with fresh eyes

Callan Andrews-Arabi (Arabi) is an 18-year-old saxophonist who looks at the Sydney music scene with fresh eyes, pupils spinning like kaleidoscopes with enterprise. Discontented with the isolating process of songwriting, he decided “to change how Sydney artists write music.”

The songs that made Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin joined Mia Hull on Out of the Box to talk through the moments that defined her life and the songs that soundtracked them, including a one way trip to Bath, reaching radio stardom at six years old, hurdles, triumphs, and an Avril Lavigne song.

Tee Vee Repairmann blossom into a band on Real to Reel

Tee Vee Repairmann come from humble beginnings, starting out as “a silly alias” for Ishka Edmeades to release recordings that didn’t belong to his other projects (which include Gee Tee, Set-Top Box and more). Now Tee Vee Repairman is a fully fledged band.

Independent Artist of the Week: Zhuli

“I wasn’t good enough for piano but I was really extroverted, so I was like, ‘I can sing.’ And I could.” Meet our Independent Artist of the Week Zhuli.

“People don’t perceive it as ironic anymore.” Swan Meat chats maximalism on 10 Foot Heavy with Rina Evangaline

Swan Meat’s style has been referred to as ‘medieval rave’ before. She’s a music producer, DJ, and games composer, and on Sunday she flew from Cologne, Germany to join Rina Evangaline on 10 Foot Heavy