Midnight Snacks with Moon Holiday

June 24th 2016


  • Moon Holiday :: Midnight Snacks

This week’s über special guest Moon Holiday (Alex Ward) marks the 10th episode of Sleepless in Sydney on FBi radio. Marcus Whale and Alister Hill run with Alex’s chosen theme of “nothingness”, through her intensely introspective musical selection on the stages of dealing with an existential crisis (along with the benefits of Wikihow articles).

“[On reverting to simpler times] I think the Wikihow article I read on existential crises was like “reflect on existing structures, why are they the way they are”, and then it’s like, “think back to simpler times”. It shows maybe a better way to live – but it’s over now, you know, these simple times are gone. It’s sort of like looking in the window of your favourite shop and having no money.”

“My understanding of existentialism is based off books I half read, the Wikihow article, and some high school philosophy classes, and a book that I took on a beach holiday last year. “[On Late at Night] this has been a track that I think is really interesting and beautiful. It’s got this really unaffected female spoken word vocal through it, and she seems to be just observing the way people are.”

The power trio take you through a step by step deconstruction by discussing the processes of dealing with an existential crisis, involving:

  1. Despair
  2. Reflecting on existing structures
  3. Harking back to simpler times
  4. Inventing a new belief system
  5. Total distraction

For all who may or may not be dealing with some form of existential crises, check out the episode + full playlist below:


Dean BluntThe Narcissist

This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren (Cover of Tim Buckley)

Simon Says – Late at Night (Original Mix)

Seekae – Boys (NSW)

HTRK – Chinatown Style (NSW)

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

Sisters of Mercy – 1959

Drexciya – Andrean Sand Dunes

Cocteau Twins – Summerhead