Midnight Snacks with Imogen Grist

April 14th 2016

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  • Imogen Grist :: Midnight Snacks

Graphic designer, photographer and visual artist Imogen Grist joins Sleepless in Sydney hosts Marcus Whale and Alister Hill to chat about songs that keep her up at night, and her love for the Brooklyn-based shoegaze/indie rock band DIIV.

“I bought their album and listened to it every day for about a month. Beautiful album artwork – so much effort has gone into it, it’s really extensive. Lot’s of crayons and hand drawn stuff – really cool. But similar with the Cocteau Twins album I think, you can just kind of put it on and it all just kind of blends into one. It’s really nice background music… It seems quite effortless and really relaxed but there’s definitely a struggle there.”

In addition to Grist’s fashion and event photography work, she’s also recently directed the music video for Love Is Better by Australia The Band and designed the album artwork for Young Franco’s new single Drop Your Love.

“[On Popcaan] This song in particular has a very special place in not only my heart but my whole friendship group. Every night we’re all out together it comes on at some point in the evening.

My favourite memory is probably at new years and we’re all on a beach and the sun was rising, the water was lapping at our feet and this song came on – it was probably about 6am and we all just looked out towards the sunrise and I just burst into tears [laughs]. It was a really really beautiful moment.”

Guys, let’s all have a moment for Imogen’s tears.

To see more of her work, head to imogengrist.com or check out Love Is Better via Australia The Band, below:


New GodsToo High (Aus)

AbraDiamonds and Gold

Cocteau Twins – I Wear Your Ring

DIIVYr Not Far

Popcaan – Everything Nice