Methyl Ethel chats Triage and its live show translation

February 21st 2019

  • Methyl Ethel :: Interview with Andy Lowe on Mornings

Jake Webb, creative force behind Perth’s Methyl Ethel, sat down with Andy Lowe on Mornings to discuss his new self-produced self-performed album ‘Triage’ and the change of tack it represents for the project.

In contrast to the considered sequencing on their previous records ‘Oh Inhuman Spectacle’ and ‘Everything Is Forgotten’, Jake spoke of a change in the latest release in that it dispenses with the need for a start-to-finish listening experience.

“The song – how I think of it – is like a micro-album… Rather than having these songs flow into one another, or having a collection of songs that does seemingly flow and feel nice, they’re songs that can stand on their own.”

Having announced their biggest national trot yet in support of ‘Triage’ this coming June, Webb has expanded the live lineup to five. The new tunes are accessible, and live the idea is to retain the key elements while opening the gates to exciting reiterations and opportunities for embellishment on stage.

“Any great pop song has these key ingredients, and as far as I think of these songs on this record, I think I could break them down to just those elements. In that way, that’s the core of the song, and where we take them live can be made to be exciting.”

Listen to the whole interview up top, get Triaged via Methyl Ethel’s bandcamp and then catch them at the Enmore on 22 June.


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