Meet your new Up For It host, Ruby Miles

February 14th 2018

Photo by James Dick

There’s only one voice you’ll hear every weekday on FBi Radio, our brand new host of Up for It: Ruby Miles.

Ruby brings her unique bounce and positive energy to our music and culture-packed, local take on breakfast radio, and we couldn’t be more excited to be waking up with her! Ruby sat down for a quick Q&A on growing up in Hong Kong, her history as a volunteer at FBi Radio, and her love for California-based hip hop outfit BROCKHAMPTON.

Of her new early morning gig, Ruby had this to say: “I’m beyond psyched to be chosen for this role. Through producing for [previous Up For It host] Lucy Smith I’ve seen how important the brekkie slot is to the station and its listeners, and I don’t plan on taking this thing lightly. I’m excited to bring my own style and quirks to the table and also continue Up For It’s legacy of having fun, intelligent and down-to-earth female hosts.”

Get to know Ruby below!


How did you start at FBi? 

I started volunteering in 2015 working the front desk. On my first day I met Cloud Control and geeked out. I then started producing Mornings, then Up For It and then landed the Purple Sneakers show with one of my best mates… now I’m here!


What sparked your interest in radio?

I grew up in Hong Kong and radio isn’t exactly ‘big’ there so most of my new music came from NME magazine and streaming heaps of Aussie radio. I loved how important youth radio culture is to Australians and I wanted to get involved.


If you could have absolutely anyone on the show, who would it be?

BROCKHAMPTON – all 14 members in the studio at once. I’d probably have enough time to ask what everyone’s favourite colour is and then we’d have to wrap it up. Worth it though.


What’s Up For It going to sound like this year?

I’m planning on transforming the show into just one big Brekkie Banger. Also, I vow to pronounce ‘gif’ wrong every single time.


What song gets you out of bed in the morning?

It’s currently ‘Zipper’ by BROCKHAMPTON. The boys know how to make a twerk-worthy tune!


If you were a food, what would you be?

There’s a Dim Sum in Hong Kong called Cheung Fan that’s basically a long rectangular rice noodle. I love it because it’s pale, squishy and full of prawns – just like me!


Favourite album ever?

Radiohead’s In Rainbows… Yeah. I was that kid in high school.


Any emerging artists you’re keen to keep an eye on?

I’m excited to see more from Yaeji and Odette this year, ooh and Christopher Port!


What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Gotsta be my Gaga (the Lady, of course!)


Hear Ruby each weekday morning from 6-9am on Up For It, music for breakfast!


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