Listen: ‘Is Santa Real?’ Yarramadoon Public Debater’s Society

December 24th 2015


  • The Yarramadoon Public Debaters Night :: Is Santa Real?

A class of your favourite comedians go back to school for a night of semi-educational presentations, and most importantly, a fierce debate.

Set in the fictitious town of Yarramadoon, the night takes place in a severely underfunded rural junior school consisting of not much more than a funnel web infested sand pit and concrete toilet block. It’s a homage to the junior school from Hannah and Eliza’s childhood, who wanted to give audiences from ‘the big smoke’ a nostalgic taste of the joys of rural Australian education.

For Christmas, the comedian’s will be debating it out to see if once and for all…


Featuring your class prefects Hannah and Eliza Reilly (FBi Radio, ABC’s Media Circus) with:

Alex Lee (BuzzFeed Oz, ABC TV)
Wyatt Nixon Lloyd (Funny or Die, Nickelodeon)
James Colley (Gruen Transfer, The Weekly, ABC)
Susie Youssef (ITs, Impro Australia)
Patrick Magee (ABC TV’s Story Club)
Aaron Chen (Theatre Sports)

Merry Christmas, kids x


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