Listen: The Drones ‘Wait Long by the River’ 10th anniversary interview with Dom O’Connor

September 20th 2015

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 “We’ve done the [Sydney] Opera House three times now, it’s starting to become Drones-y.”

Ten years since they released their hit album Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float ByThe Drones are back home in Australia touring with it once more, motivated by a show they played at Vivid back in May and the album’s recent release on vinyl. Dan, Steve and Christian from the band joined Dom O’Connor at the FBi studios to discuss the “nebulous arrangement” that is the band’s composition.

“I used to live with Christian and his wife Sarah… around thirteen years ago… we’re like a good circle of mates.”

It’s not all nostalgia for the good ol’ days though because The Drones are also looking forward to the release of a new album come March next year. They promise the production value is going to be way better than anything we’ve heard before.

“We have our own studio in Melbourne [and had] the luxury of a few months [instead of weeks]. As a result, it’s a lot more detailed.”

Look forward to catching them throughout September and keep an ear out for their upcoming release! And in case you’re wondering whether anything’s changed in all this time, rest assured:

“The young Christo was more impatient than the mature Christo.”

  • Thursday Arvos with Dom O'Connor :: Drones Interview


Absolute legends The Drones came in for a chat with Dom this afternoon! Catch them at The Factory tonight

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