Listen :: Tasker exclusive mix for FBi Click

June 27th 2014


Tasker is a DJ, label head of Whities, one of the Boiler Room music programmers and hosts, a Phonica Records employee and NTS Radio host.

… Phew.

If you’re unfamiliar with Whities, don’t worry: you won’t be for long. The label is a new imprint through our good buddies Young Turks, founded with a mission to bring through new artists and provide them with a platform to develop their talent. Whities launched in February with a record from German/Italian duo Terron. Tasker tells us that the second release should be out in a couple of months time and is from “another previously unknown artist”. We’re a little bit excited, keep an eye on this space.

With these credentials, there’s no need to ask why we wanted Tasker to help us out with launching FBi Click – our brand new station dedicated to 24/7 electronic music. He put together this tantalising hour-long mix to help us kick off Click’s first day on June 25 (along with mixes from our homegirl Anna Lunoe and legend DJ Zed Bias). Recorded in his flat on a Sunday afternoon, Tasker says the mix is “a selection of predominantly new tracks that I’ve been playing in my sets lately”. Treat your ears to some expert taste below…


  • Tasker :: {-oVo-} mix for FBi Click launch



Pangaea – Ivy – Hadal
Millie & Andrea – Stay Ugly – Modern Love
Ekranoplan – Coil – All Caps [Forthcoming]
Call Super – Acephale II – Houndstooth
Taraval – Streetways – Text Records
Pepe Bradock – Lifting Weights – Absurd Recordings
Huerco S – ?? – Proibito [Forthcoming]
Traumprinz – Intrinity – Giegling
F.T.G. & Marco Riff – Heaven – Fuckthegovernment
Matthias Meyer – November Rain – Watergate Records
Adultrock – Chants – Bodytonic
Factory Floor – Real Love (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix) – Optimo Music
Il Est Vilaine – Scandale – Dialect Recordings
A.T.R.O.X. – Against The Odds – Trinciato Forte Records


FBi Click is now live and playing the good stuff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LISTEN HERE.


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