Listen :: Straight Arrows – ‘Can’t Stand it’ (Live at FBi Turns 10)

November 7th 2013

Straight Arrpws - FBi Turns 10

As you might have heard, FBi’s 10th birthday party was bloody excellent.

We played in faux snow, heard the good word from some local preatures, and engaged in life-sized robot boxing before The Presets shut the place down. While that’s a nice highlight reel, it’d be dumb not to mention Straight Arrows‘ stomper of a set.

The boys thrashed out a bunch of short songs one after the other, flinging around some guitars and a drum kit within a cavernous, open-sided hall at Carriageworks. You can bring back those moments by downloading a song recorded live from Straight Arrows’ set at the festival. It’s called ‘Can’t Stand It’ and it’s good.

  • Straight Arrows :: Can't Stand It (Live at FBi Turns 10)


Wanna hear the whole Straight Arrows set from FBi Turns 10?

Clickity click here.



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