Listen :: Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix)

October 25th 2013

Panama - Always (Wave Racer Remix)

Thanks to the power of memes, I don’t need to write anything about this track.

I will though, because words are super fun.

Wave Racer‘s new one starts with an intensely chipmunked vocal sample that kinda sounds a lot like the start of Disclosure’s ‘Latch’. That’s about all the two songs have in common though – this remix of Panama‘s ‘Always’ is a thousand technicolour slinkys tumbling down a giant staircase at once.

Get yourself on an observatory cloud made from neon MIDI raindrops, and watch the spectacle unfold.

Wave Racer put together a glistening minimix for the Flog’s Fade Up feature recently, as did his partner in bass, Basenji. You can check out both mixes alongside interviews with the Sydney producers below.

Fade Up :: Wave Racer | Fade Up :: Basenji



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