Premiere Listen :: New Outerwaves + Rainbow Chan

June 5th 2012


Today was one of those days when the early bird catches the worm. Those of you listening to Up For It with Sally Knight were treated to the first-ever listen to two gorgeous new tracks from our beloved Sydney darling Rainbow Chan and Brisbane beat-master Outerwaves.

Thankfully, however, all ye stumbling-out-of-bed-at-10am late birds can still get in on this tasty-ass worm too: we have the songs right here for your streaming pleasure.

The tracks mark the release of ‘Grains Vol. 1’: the first in a new series of limited edition 7” vinyl records, courtesy of Brisbane artist collective and vinyl imprint Silo ArtsGrains focuses on hand-picked home-grown electronic music, and this debut split release has set the bar high for the rest of the series.

Outerwaves has rounded up the kids for his track “Good Inwards”, channeling youthful nostalgia with some kindergarten vocalists and bubbling synth lines. The clip features the work of Brisbane-based kinetic artist Michael Candy. It stars an adorable cast of origami sea creatures, dancing like punk-ass little puppets at an under-the-sea disco (perhaps they were at our Winter Prom?!) – although we’re told they are actually powered by remote controls, motors and levers. No old-school puppet strings to be seen here!

Rainbow gives us a sweet slow-burner called ‘Rabbit & Fox’ (man, I couldn’t cram more cuteness into that sentence if I tried). With her signature wonky chords and teeny-tiny xylophone charm, this track starts out quietly and builds to something glorious. Rainbow’s beautiful, glassy vocals and a brooding string section charge this song with enough emotion to light a room, or perhaps bring it to tears.

The accompanying video is a stunning contemporary dance piece filmed in a quirky lo-fi style, which was shot at Asquith Girls’ High and directed by Puppet Spider (Matt Corby, kyu). Check out both videos for yourself here, thanks to our friends over at

The split 7” vinyl will be available internationally for order exclusively from the Silo Arts Online Store on the 19th of June, followed by an Australian east coast double headliner tour during July. Get your mits one of these delicious vinyls while you can!



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