Listen :: Matt Corby on Arvos with Sweetie & Shag

November 12th 2015


  • Arvos with Sweetie & Shag :: Matt Corby Interview

Homegrown legend Matt Corby is back after a radio silence stretching over the past couple of years. Sitting in the studio with Sweetie and Shag on a quiet Friday afternoon, he revealed his intention to release a new album in the rapidly-approaching new year.

“I just wanted to do it slowly… it’s hard to explain what I’ve been doing.”

Where’s he been? All Corby can say is he’s been working on some new things, fiddling with loop pedals and in “a good place… [playing] around with a few ideas.” He shared the opening single ‘Monday’ from the upcoming album, named after… a day of the week?

“I can’t name my songs… everything I come up with always sounds really stupid.”


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