Listen :: Jeff Buckley special on Tune Up with Forster Anderson & James Blackwood

November 20th 2014

Forster Anderson Buckley

Photo: No Dice Paradise

November 17 would have been Jeff Buckley’s 48th birthday.

To commemorate the occasion, Stuart Coupe brought us a whole hour of Buckley goodness on Tune Up: with covers of Jeff Buckley, covers by Jeff Buckley, as well as live performances from two Sydney artists: Forster Anderson and James Blackwood. Both played a tribute show at Oxford Art Factory over the weekend.

FUN FACT: In its 7+ years on air as FBi’s cover show, Tune Up has remained a ‘Hallelujah’-free zone… but this was the show to break the rules. Was it worth it? We think so! (Back-pats for Forster Anderson for bravely taking on the beast.)

  • Jeff Buckley Special :: Tune Up with Stuart Coupe


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