Listen :: Daniel O’Toole (EARS) on Out of the Box

November 19th 2014


You know EARS’ work. You’ve seen it across the walls of Newtown. You may not know that he’s the guy that did it though. EARS is the pseudonym of Sydney artist Daniel O’Toole. Daniel makes paintings, drawings, photos, music and videos. And the kicker is that he makes them all stunningly. He is a renaissance man: not just for his range, but for his talent.

He joined Ash Berdebes on Out of the Box to share some of that talent, his stories and his sharp taste in tunes. You might find out how Tupac helped start his career; or why EARS is even named EARS anyway. He also drew us a neat piece of artwork, which you can claim as your own below!

  • Out of the Box :: Daniel O'Toole (EARS)

Brush With Fame - EARS




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