Listen :: Basenji – ‘Dawn’

December 9th 2013


If you enjoy bicycles, almonds* and gleeful dance music, then you might have a friend in Basenji.

The Sydney producer released his first two tracks a couple of months ago. ‘Speak With A Dofflin‘ continued the ridiculous Dofflin theme carried throughout the work – nay, the LIVES – of Basenji’s buddies Wave Racer and Cosmo’s Midnight (they’re all #aboutthatdofflinlyf). The other track, ‘Tribute To The Cat‘ paid respect to Norway’s Cashmere Cat. It was a fitting tribute too, because the man himself gave the song his personal stamp of approval.

Now Basenji has put out a new, free track and it’s excellent. ‘Dawn’ sounds like a marching band encouraging an army of pixies to tumble down a huge crystalline mountain, their bodies clinking and plonking their way over the uneven surface in joyful mayhem. I mean come on, that last 45 seconds with the glockenspiel is just bliss.

Basenji’s very first live show has just been announced too! It’ll be on the 6th of February at The Standard, where he’ll support XXYYXX and Wave Racer. If you’re keen for hipster bragging rights and a damn good time, I implore you to get to this gig before the dude starts packing out festival stages. You can buy a ticket right here.

* And producers with adorable bios like this.

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