Le1f talks lunges, ‘jungle fever’ and pineapple hair with Charlotte Meldrum Hanna

February 15th 2016

Le1F press shot

  • Le1f :: Interview on Arvos with Charlotte Meldrum Hanna

New York rapper Le1f is a ballet dancer turn rapper. You know, just one of those hum-drum, vanilla career paths every second person has.

How did he go from A to B to begin with and how did he do it all with such unique style? Le1f squeezed into the studio just in time to have a chat with Charlotte Meldrum Hanna ahead of his show at the Oxford Art Factory – the first time Sydney would experience his full live show including choreography and dance.

Being semi-isolated at a dance boarding school steered Le1f into experimental music. It was a gradual process, he says, and building confidence in a radically new style took time. From a classical music and ballet background, he is able to blend a deep understanding of musical form with the sexiness of rap lyrics and beat. You can appreciate this blend in his choreography too – he “loves to rap in a deep lunge”.

With themes of politics, gender and objectification featuring heavily in his songs, Le1f attracts attention with subversive performance and musical styles which hook the listener and then “engage them with the beat”.

He’s on the hunt for great restaurants in Sydney for this visit or the next, so drop him a line on Twitter and entice him to come out here again!



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