Le Pie ‘Up All Night’ Live Acoustic on Arvos with Dom O’Connor

February 26th 2016


  • Le Pie :: Interview with Dom O'Connor + 'Up All Night' Live
  • Le Pie :: Up All Night (Live Acoustic)

Just ahead of her tour launching the single ‘Up All Night’, Sydney’s Le Pie joined Dom O’Connor on Arvos to talk about starting out in punk bands, compulsory lead singing and surprise success.

Her brother was the one who pushed her singing – making her take the mic instead of the playing guitar in their first band.

“Basically my brother just forced me to be a singer and put someone else on the drums. That was my initiation into singing, him being like, ‘You’re doing that now, off you go!’ I was always really scared to sing. I still kind of am.”

The most played song on FBi last year was Le Pie’s first single ‘Secrets’. Playing festivals across the state as well as releasing two singles and an EP, her success has surprised no one more than her.

“I distinctly remember when I loaded it up, I was standing in the backyard, pacing around, freaking out that I’d put something online that was just mine. So to have the year that I had last year was totally crazy, I’m still pinching myself.”

Le Pie also shared the first ever live acoustic performance of her new single ‘Up All Night’.

Listen above to hear the full interview and live tune.


WHO: Le Pie + Edward R + Sparrows + Deep Sea Arcade DJs
WHAT: Rare Finds #11
WHERE:Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar)
WHEN: Friday 26 February, 8pm
HOW MUCH: Free when you RSVP here or $5 on the door.


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