Kimchi Princi on race, self-acceptance & twisted pop songs

June 7th 2018

  • Kimchi Princi :: Interview on The Bridge


Kimchi Princi’s forays into production, lyricism and visual art have cemented her reputation as a total package performer. She joined Lachlan Wyllie on the Bridge to chat her new single ‘Diaspora Doll’.

The Sydney-based artist melds bubblegum-club sounds with nuanced, edgy lyrics about her perspective on cultural exchange. ‘Diaspora Doll’ sees Princi’s mesmerising vocals cut through Melbourne producer CORIN’s eerie, glitchy beats. It’s fitting this is CORIN’s first collaboration with a vocalist, as the pair related closely on the conceptual basis of the track. Princi says:

“I knew the content for what I wanted to talk about was based on conversations we’d had about cultural otherness or assumptions placed on you and…overcoming those to meet the world on your terms, rather than succumb to what society or Sydney or the world thinks of you.”

Princi’s trademark street-style and choreography of earlier releases is back in full force with the accompanying visuals. Shot in Shanghai by filmmaker WIFIOVERMYBODY, sister Danielle Karlikoff, and Princi herself, it appeared as a finalist in CLIPPED Music Video Festival. Bold colour and texture reign supreme while futuristic, 3D animations punctuate the dreamy pastel aesthetic and KP’s captivating gaze.



‘Diaspora Doll’ is the perfect example of Kimchi’s ability to deliver a twisted pop song…about race, self-acceptance and community building with my women” that’s still a “fun song to dance to.” A true testament to her articulation across cultural and social boundaries. It’s the first single from her highly anticipated debut record, PRINCI, almost two years in the making and expected to be a real game changer. To hear more about the making of the milk bath, “big, giant love heart” collabs with Slim Set and the mechanics of curating a club night, check out the full interview above.