FBi Radio’s video team is looking for new recruits

Photo: FBi SMACs Festival 2016 by Yael Stempler 

Are you the sharpest DSLR shooter in the West? We need you!

FBi Radio is on the look-out for new videographers to join our volunteer team. We’re looking for people with access to a full-frame camera who are passionate about Sydney’s independent music, arts and culture.

You’ll get access to renowned international and Australian guests, and the opportunity to share your work with FBi’s audience of 459 000 monthly listeners. You’ll also get the opportunity to pitch and develop your ideas for content in a creative and supportive environment.

To apply, please email ivan@fbiradio.com with the following:

1. Name

2. Contact Number

3. A brief overview of your gear

4. A short introduction of yourself. What shoots have you worked on? What are you interested in? (Limit 3 sentences)

5. A link to showreel and/or three examples of your work. (try and make these as diverse as possible)

6. If you could create one video series for FBi Radio, what would it be?

Applications close Sunday 2 April.