Interview :: Seeker Lover Keeper

June 16th 2011

It's nice to think that the people you admire are friends.

I like knowing that Hunter S Thompson and Allen Ginsberg were once pulled over by the fuzz while they were driving from an acid-happy San Fran party in the 1960s. I like to think that later, in bars, they told their friends about that crazy night, and talked over each other recounting the story, and did impressions of each other answering the officer and then high-fived and wiped away tears of laughter, and Hunter S fired his gun in the air and Allen did some chanting. And I always smile at images of Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola perched together in the front row of fashion shows; I hope they go home and rummage through their goodie bags together and make mojitos.

So it gives me great pleasure to present Holly Throsby, Sally Seltman and Sarah Blasko as the tip-top trifecta that is Seeker Lover Keeper. The girls holed up together in a New York studio last year, swapped some songs and came out with an album that combines the haunting vocals and delicate melodies characteristic of their individual outputs.

We caught them for some questions before they set off touring in July.

FBi: What drew you to each other?

Sally Seltman: I was drawn to Holly because I had seen her in the school playground when I was growing up, but had never spoken to her. I loved her music, and knew who her Mum was, and I feel like Holly and I have a very similar sense of humour.

I was drawn to Sarah because I love her wardrobe, and she's a really great dancer who knows how to pull all the funny moves, and I also love her music, and I love talking to her about who we are, and why we do things, and, actually… we have a similar sense of humour too, so maybe it all comes down to the fact that both of these girls make me laugh!

FBi: Tell me about the time you spent together in New York. What inspired you there? Where did you adventure to?

Holly Throsby: We all stayed in a little apartment in the East Village which was really fun. When we all arrived on separate flights we got in late at night and sat up talking and it was great to see each other – it'd been a few months, since Sarah was living in Brighton.

New York was great – it was an extremely hot summer and we ate a lot of Mexican food at this little place below our apartment. We met a celebrity dog walker and did karaoke. Sarah and Jim (Ed: just, you know, drummer from the Dirty Three. Whatever.) did Alicia Keys and Jay Z's 'New York State of Mind'. The airline lost Sally's bag for about four days so she wore Sarah's clothes, which was adorable. Mostly we were in the studio though. The part of new York we got to know best was the inside of that studio.

FBi: What do you like about working in a group? Is it better than working alone?

Sarah Blasko: Well, when you're unsure, you have two other people to look at which is great. It takes a lot of the pressure off. It's quite an indulgence to hear and have the opportunity to sing their songs too. Fortunately we have many similar opinions and tastes so making decisions is pretty easy, which I've heard can be difficult in other groups. I think in some ways it's better than working alone. It's certainly less lonely, it's often very, very funny and I like the feeling of comradery.

Who: Seeker Lover Keeper

Where: The Factory Theatre

When: Friday 8 July SOLD OUT, Saturday 9 July 7.30pm


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