Interview :: Feathers – Wormwoodstock Special

January 24th 2012


Consider yourself within the blast radius of Brisbane band Feathers – a Greek magazine interview and a nice mention on the Guardian in the UK count as some of their most recent media appearances. Part-dreamy, part-fuzzed-out, their latest album Hunters Moon has understandably been getting them quite the swag of attention. No wonder, it’s a great record (it’s my #2 favourite Australian album of last year).

But who are these feathered females? Helena, Michelle, Susan and Innez had chats with FBi ahead of their Sydney shows this weekend about playing with Best Coast, recording in cabins on Halloween and getting close to Vincent Gallo's nether regions.


FBi: What’s been the strangest gig you've ever played?

Michelle: We played with Dead Meadow and they had this amazing Yeti character with laser eyes that came out in their last song – not really that strange, but pretty awesome.


You've also played shows with Best Coast, Brian Chase and Vivian Girls. Are they among your favourite gigs?

Susan: The Vivian Girls show was my second ever and I was a huge fan, so that was pretty great. Nerve-wrecking, but great. Some of our funnest shows have been the small house shows or DIY venue gigs. 

Michelle: One of my favourite shows was probably our album launch in Brisbane with New War, Blank Realm and Primitive Motion. It had taken us a while to get Hunter’s Moon mixed and ready for release, so it was just amazing to finally have something on vinyl for Feathers and they were such great bands to play the launch with.


If we had to play Six Degrees of Feathers, what are some interesting musical links you could come up with? 

Michelle: We played an in-store gig once for fashion boutique Blonde Venus and their Chloe Sevigny launch, I guess that’s getting pretty close to Vincent Gallo’s penis? Hmm, what else, Ed Kuepper shared one of our videos on Facebook. Someone told Everett True we couldn’t play very well – he was best mates with Kurt Cobain, I play a Jagstang (designed by Kurt), so I guess if he wasn’t dead, he’d be our pal?


If you had to offer any of your lyrics as love advice (or life advice), you would offer …

Michelle: The song Cruel For Love is all about when you and your partner are mean to each other but it works – so I guess that’s some of my love advice? I tend to write darker – some would say depressing lyrics – over happy, love songs. The songs about love we do have are about love lost, heartbreak… and my love for my cats.


Can you tell us about the Brisbane music scene? Who are some local bands we should get excited about?

Michelle: The Brisbane music scene is always going through its ups and downs – some months there are no new bands or venues to get excited about, other months too many to take in! We tend to get excited about the bands that we are pals with and play with, such as Blank Realm, Slug Guts


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