Independent Artist of the Week: Egoism

April 8th 2019

Photo by Lewis Demertzi 

Morning conversations about music on the bus ride to school birthed EGOISM, a shiny guitar pop duo out of Sydney. Fast-forward to now, and they could easily soundtrack a route filled with sun glare to cinematic effect.

‘Egoism’ by definition might be for one’s self-interest, but this band’s music is for the people. Lush, immersive and evocative of Eggleston visions, the handful of songs that Olive Rush and Scout Eastment have given us as EGOISM combine a shared love and philosophy on how music should be made, tracked across their coming of age and transition into young adulthood.

Adding to the dreamy, youthful picture, Rush and Eastment have mostly written and recorded their tracks at home and in bedrooms. Their recent tunes ‘Sorry’ and ‘Enemies’ are filled with driving guitars and sweetly calm vocals that almost illusively hide lyrics addressing existential dread, mental health issues, unconsciously withdrawing from your loved ones and strong anti-gaslighting messages.

Right now the duo is well into getting their second EP ready for us, all the while keeping up appearances across town and continuing to satiate their hunger for playing shows whenever and wherever they like. After last month’s Away Game at Waywards, and their own East Coast tour, next up is a support slot for San Mei at The Vic, which you can catch for $0. You know what to do.


WHO: Egoism supporting San Mei
WHERE: Vic on the Park Hotel, Marrickville
WHEN: Saturday 13 April


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