Independent Artist of the Week: Parasol

October 5th 2021

  • Parasol :: Interview on Up For It

Eora/Sydney based producer and radio host Parasol immerses you in a nostalgic trance with his new release ‘1800-PARASOL’. Pairing his MIDI obsession and fascination with y2k ringtones, Parasol has created something unique & ear-catching.

Co-host of FBi’s Deep Web Chuyi Wang has released his debut album ‘1800-PARASOL’. Under the pseudonym Parasol, he has limited himself to the use of MIDI and Ableton. An entirely drumless album is something truly rare in music of any genre. Yet Parasol seems to have pulled it off, driving his songs rhythmically through punchy synths and samples. Chuyi breaks the fourth wall, acknowledging the unique quality of his music through a vocal sample on the track ‘Don’t Explain it’:

“The truth is Chuyi, whenever you talk about trance with no drums, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 

Dissatisfied with producers’ tendencies to side with the extremes of digital or analogue instrumentation and music technology, Chuyi has situated himself squarely in the realm of MIDI. HE focusses on a kind of music making that transcends age and complexity.

Parasol’s hyperpop and Eurodance influences along with his fascination with Y2K style ringtones shine through on this record. Phone call samples and ringtone-esque arpeggios are scattered all through the production, acting as the glue holding ‘1800-PARASOL’ together as a unified piece. Released through Eora/Sydney based label Midheaven, the record stands as a strong and promising debut from the local producer.

Listen to Parasol’s interview on Up For It above, and stream ‘Don’t Explain It’ off his debut LP ‘1800-PARASOL’ below.

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