Independent Artist Of The Week: Slim Set

February 5th 2018

Photo by Jonno Revanche

Mutant grime, club culture and hyper-aware millennial references – Western Sydney duo Slim Set make rap music that’s certified hectic.

MC Dev and DJ Atro are “known 2 hype up” and to them, it’s the West versus the rest on new EP ‘Feed’. It’s a turbo charged listen as Dev spars against a 140bpm dojo of 808s, sirens and brooding synths. Lyrics are as self-deprecating as they are rowdy, with disses fast and subtle enough that they almost go over your head – including a swift jab at Flume and the lack of diversity in electronic music on their second single ‘Cooked’.

But Slim Set prove to be more self aware than their stoner dribble. They drop Easter egg references to Yu-Gi-Oh and Sunkist as often as they shout out Parramatta’s Church Street, dismantling the nanny state and mates on “sad pills”. Having carved out their own space within the Australian hip hop scene, Slim Set promise even more to say in 2018. We’ll be listening!

Get cooked, below.


WHO: Slim Set with Rainbow Chan, Amrita Hepi, DEADKEBAB and more
WHERE: Club 4A at Dynasty Karaoke, Sydney
WHEN: Friday 23 February
HOW MUCH: $23.20 – Tickets here.
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